Heads Up: Skill Rating Change on PTR

  • In Season 2 of Competitive Play, we're making some key adjustments to our Skill Rating system. If you've read through the PTR patch notes, you already know that the system’s scale has been expanded from 1-100 to 1-5000, and we've created seven discrete skill tiers (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master, and Grandmaster). Together, these changes should make it easier for players to identify and compare skill levels in Overwatch.

    Along with these changes, we've also been making adjustments to the formulas that are used to calculate Skill Rating, ensure fair matches, and accurately place players in the appropriate tier. Today, we're implementing one such change, which should result in fewer players being placed into tiers that are above their actual Skill Rating after completing their placement matches.

    After this change is made on the PTR sometime today, the amount of Skill Rating that is gained or lost will probably look a little abnormal for quite a few matches. Don’t worry. This is just a side effect of the adjustments, and it will even out after your Skill Rating adjusts to the new system. This abnormal rating will only occur on PTR, and it will not be an issue when Season 2 is launched on the live servers.

    We appreciate the continued testing of Competitive Play on PTR by the community—it’s been a tremendous help for us as we work together to improve Overwatch. Thank you!