Something needs to be done about leaves

  • Anything, something, more than there is at the moment. Five people losing rating because of one person is so unfair.

    Make the leave loose 500 rating to bottom them out of the division and shove them to Bronze and Silver

    If you have connection problems then you shouldnt be playing competitive. Its not five other peoples fault
  • Hi guys,

    The penalty for leaving games has been increased severely in Season 2, but the developers are still monitoring the situation.

    Game Director, Jeff Kaplan, shared a little insight on the reason why matches don't get cancelled when someone leaves:
    The reason we don't nullify a match if someone leaves after the match has been going for over a minute is because that would create a scenario where players are encouraged to leave matches that are going poorly for their team. The possibilities for collusion are far too great. It's clear that players do not like matches that involve leavers. The last thing we want to do is give players a gameplay impacting reason to leave matches (such as nullifying the match results for their buddies... or even strangers).

    We did severely increase the penalties for leavers in Season 2. If we have room to increase these more, we will. We are constantly trying to balance the complaints of players who legitimately get disconnected (and therefore take a leaver penalty) with players who want leavers punished more aggressively. We're basically calibrating toward an acceptable place. But the penalties are a lot more aggressive than Season 1. If we can increase them without causing legitimate players to have a bad experience, we will.

    Jeff Kaplan also had this to say in response to suggestions for altering the game rules to compensate for leavers, by for an example increasing the HP for the underdog team, or increasing res timers for the team that is still full:
    We have discussed ideas like this but generally we're not fans of "catch up" mechanics. They are very challenging to balance. Usually, there ends up being a perception of the "catch up" mechanic either being too strong and therefore unbalanced or not strong enough, in which case, why have it? We want there to be a "feel" to OW, meaning that you know what it takes to kill Tracer or Widowmaker and having that feel different seems off to us. We have similar feelings about increased spawn times or ult generation.