Overwatch crashes frequently

  • I have spent over 2 days trying to figure out why Overwatch continues to crash on me. Sometimes Its right out of the gate when the match starts, either quick play, competitive, or vs AI and sometimes its after a couple of minutes. I have re-installed the game, updated all my drivers, re-installed windows, run stress tests on CPU, GPU, RAM and done all of the benchmarking and that is in normal limits. Checked the temps on the video card and cpu and those are also in normal limits. The problem just started happening a few days ago with no warning. All the other blizzard games I run never crash.

    Here is the error code: B5580FBB-2982-4DA5-B82A-DE19B84CAEFE

    Nothing special with my rig, pretty basic gaming rig 1070nvidia MSI, 6600k Pentium, 650watt EVGA PSU.

    Anyone have any ideas? All I have found on the forums are posts from months ago. Is anyone else having this problem?
  • Heyo!

    Took a look over your crash logs for this Reidwas and this looks like it could be an issue with XAudio. If we haven't tried already let's go through steps 4-8 on this page: http://us.battle.net/forums/en/overwatch/topic/20744175764#post-12

    We can ignore the part about with MasterVolume = "42.000000". The main thing is getting PreferXAudio2 = “0” added to the settings file under [Sound.3].
  • Hello reidwas!

    Looking over your crashes, I'd suggest trying to test your RAM using something like MemTest86. I'm guessing you aren't overclocking anything by now, but if you are, try restoring normal clock/power settings.

  • @LuckyyDawgg can you try disabling the Razer data tracking (Stats & Heatmaps) feature in the Razer Synapse software?