General error 0xE0010150

  • Hello!

    Three days ago I bought and installed Overwatch. I was able to play the game with my High Performance Graphic Card, but I had some problem with the HUD, UI, Icons and Heroes being invisible.
    I saw 100s of post from people having the same issue and telling to update my Graphic Drivers.

    This is my Laptop:

    HP Pavilion dv7-6141eg (few years old already)
    Intel Core i7-2630QM CPU 2.00GHz
    8GB RAM
    Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
    DYNAMIC SWITCHABLE Grahpic Cards (2 Card:
    - Intel HD Graphics Family; Version 8.882.2.3000; Driver Date: 30.09.2011
    - AMD Radeon HD 6770M; Version 8.882.2.3000; Driver Date: 30.09.2011

    So I tried the newest official AMD Crimson Beta driver, but it failed to install, and I found out that AMD no longer support DYNAMIC SWITCHABLE Grahpic Cards and the Crimson Beta driver doens't provide this switchable mode.
    Also on the HP Support site they never provided new updates for both cards (2011 is the "newest").
    So I found out that some great guys from Leshcatlabs provide Intel + AMD switchable graphic drivers which are up to date.

    I downloaded and managed to install these drivers: (Catalyst 16.2.1 UnifL v1.0)

    Now my Intel and AMD are updated to a 2016 version and working.
    DirectX is on 11
    Everything is set to high performance, Overwatch and all Battlenet stuff is set to High Performance in CCC and still when I start Overwatch with the AMD Card assigned it throws me this error:

    "General error. 0xE0010150"

    So I tried and switched to the Intel card assigned to Overwatch and start the game, it throws me this:

    "No compatible graphics hardware was found (0xE0070150)"

    How can this be?! Before I updated Overwatch was running (almost) fine on old drivers and now with up-to-date drivers I can't play anymore?

    And yes I checked on the Compatible Driver Site from Overwatch if my Drivers are compatible with the game. They are and else I couldn't have played this game from the beginning...

    Don't make me ask for a refund and help me please.
  • Hello Xitkill!

    We've identified an issue with older Intel GPUs and the Halloween update. I've got a workaround coded up, and it should be hitting Live soon. Thanks for your crash reports, they are very helpful in tracking down issues like these.

  • A new build is now available with this fix, if you restart your client you should automatically update. The build is Thanks again for the reports and your patience while we fixed the issue!
  • Hey folks, apologies that some users are still having issues. While I don't have a work around or ETA for a fix at this time I wanted to let you know that we're still actively working on this.

    Please use this thread for any reports or additional information. Thank you!
  • Hey folks, we have an additional fix that is currently in testing. In the mean time the additional reports and information have been very helpful for us, thank you.
  • We're rolling out today which has additional changes to address this error. Please post feedback here if you're still affected after patching and include as much detail about your hardware configuration as possible (dxdiag/etc.)

    Thank you!
  • Hey MereMortal69- if you'd like to test right now you can try using the Americas region. We'll be updating Europe and Asia around 21:00UTC.