Suddenly GPU USAGE drops (FPS STUTTER IN GAME) and 99% CPU

  • Hi!

    For the past months game has been working flawless on my system. But yesterday I did a clean install on my PC, reinstall OS and now Overwatch is peaking my CPU and Im getting in-game stutters every so often.

    Ive tried everything I can think of, but cant seem to understand what is causing this as it worked great before!

    I play at 1440p and a 144hz monitor, with Medium settings, 100% render, High texture, and most other things to off/low.

    I get 160 fps mostly, and then CPU usage peaks to 99% causing stutters and drops down to 100-ish fps.
    (The FPS is good, but the stutters and drops are very noticable)

    Screenshots can be provided also small videos showing what is happening.

    Again, it worked great from launch up until I did clean install of PC.
    Definetely a software Issue but WHAT?

    Other games run fine, its just Overwatch that all of a sudden kills my CPU :)

    Temps are FINE: Cpu temp maxes out at 42 C, and GPU maxes out at 62 C.

    Also, blizz if you respond please dont ask for DXDIAG, it will trigger me as my system is freshly installed and has worked great up until my reinstall :)

    CPU: FX 6300 @ 4ghz (<- I Know, but it was never a bottleneck before and I think 150-ish fps is more than fine :)

    GPU: GTX 970
    RAM: 16GB
    SSD: 128GB Samsung Evo 840
    HDD: 2TB x 2
  • Hey babbrabush!

    Sounds like your GPU may be trying to deliver data faster than your computer can handle it. Have you tried enabling VSync? You may also want to try setting the LIMIT FPS to DISPLAY-BASED which will limit the FPS to slightly above the refresh rate of your monitor.

    I'd also suggest that you force to close when playing. You can do this by clicking the Bnet icon in the upper left, under the 'General' section, and then change the 'When I launch a game option' to Exit completely.

    Hope this helps!
  • Hello babbrabush!

    Could I get you to open the net graph (ctrl-shift-n) during quick play and grab some screen caps of that for me? I'd like to rule out network issues causing client stress which would then cause CPU spiking.

  • Hello babbrabush!

    It looks like the network code is working fine. Could you try closing any web browsers, the Battle.Net client, and/or other non-critical applications and see if the problem still happens?

  • Hello babbrabush!

    Ok, sounds good. Do you have our current PTR build installed? If the problem persists with the PTR build, there are some tools in that build we can use to get more detailed performance information. Let me know if that's an option and I'll get you the instructions for how to get a detailed performance dump.