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How to Play on Hanamura - Overwatch Map Guide by OverPwn

Point Capture

A suburban area of a large Japanese city, Hanamura is simultaneously both ancient and modern. Restaurants and video game arcades sit nestled in between numerous cherry blossom trees and only an arrow shot away from ancient temple gardens. The picturesque city is not entirely as innocent as it first appears. Hanamura is the historic home of the Shimada clan, a criminal empire involved in the dealings of arms, illegal substances and the carrying out of hired assassinations.


Despite the best efforts of Overwatch before its decline the clan endures to this day and continues to operate behind the quiet streets of Hanamura.


  • Game Start: 5 Minutes
  • Capture Point A: Adds 5 Minutes
  • Max Possible Game Time: 10 Minutes

Medpack Locations

Pro Tips

We've got some tips to share with you depending on which side you've been placed on. These tips include some of our favourite heroes for this map.


  • It is very important as the attackers that you stay in a group on this map, with the exception of Tracers and Reapers of course when they're off to the sides having fun. You do not want to march in one by one into either of the capture points.
  • The rate of capture increases with more people on point, so hold it if you've managed to clear it out instead of running off trying to find respawns.
  • Mercy - Solid healing, lots of places to sneak behind to stay alive. Her Resurrect ultimate can bring everyone back up from the dead on the capture points which negates the need for your team to walk all the way back. Crazy powerful just for the resurrect.
  • Lucio's ability to speed up his team can help bring himself and friends to capture points before the defenders are even half of the way back to them. It can be the deciding factor of taking over the first point when the battle for it goes poorly for both sides, or you just need reinforcements a tiny bit quicker. Amp it up!
  • Hanamura is a very tall and open map overall which makes Pharah's ability to float in the sky and at the top of temples very nice. Her rockets are able to clear out capture points effectively while staying out of harm's way.
  • Pharah's ultimate is best used to clear out the capture points and to further defend them by preventing the defenders from even wanting to approach it because it would end up killing them or severely crippling them. Don't use it outside of capture points unless you really need to.
  • D.Va's ability to Self-Destruct can clear out overly defended capture points. Simply turn on your Boosters to launch yourself into the air to avoid some of the fire going towards your teammates and plop yourself down in the middle. 
  • D.Va is also great due to her Defensive Matrix, which will destroy enemy projectiles fired towards it. Best used when charging with your team down a hall onto capture points.
  • Don't forget with D.Va to hold down left click if you aren't using other abilities. Infinite ammo ftw!
  • The long hallways of Hanamura make McCree an excellent choice for his peacekeeper. Although not as good as he once was for long range sniping, he is still one scary dude who should Combat Roll out of the way once enemies begin to fire in his direction.
  • McCree's Deadeye ability is.. deadly.. when the enemy team is all stacked up on a capture point. You definitely want to save it for when there are multiple targets available and you want to approach from the sidelines or make sure you have someone like Reinhardt in front of you taking the hits with his shield.
  • The Cavalry is certainly here with Tracer. Tracer will always excel at picking people off, being a massive pain in the ass with her teleports, and making people on Twitch feel ill, but those teleports come in very handy on capture point maps.
  • Tracer can use Blink on the sidelines to skip over a gap between capture point A and B. Doing this, with the entire enemy team out of Capture point B and with A freshly taken, means she can make quite a bit of progress on B while the enemies panic to get back to their base with their backs turned to your team.
  • Tracer is also very effective at dealing with the inevitable turrets from Bastion and Torbjorn. Blink in a couple of times, drop that Pulse Bomb, and Recall so that the turret dies and your team can storm inside. Don't forget to communicate and to make sure your teammates are ready to storm the building.
  • Reaper
  • Reinhardt - You're going to need a big shield to march up as a group onto the capture points. It will allow everyone on your team to attack the defenders while you make the slow push towards the point. His long-range Charge attack can also get him onto the point fast to rejoin his team while aiming to keep someone pinned down. Fire Strike is very useful for splitting up the enemies on the capture point, and even forcing some to walk off of it temporarily. Don't forget to swing your hammer like a madman while on point and your shield is almost gone.


  • Always make sure you have someone on the current capture point. If your entire team has decided they want to fight just on the outside of it with the enemies on top of it, you want to make sure someone gets on it to contest it. Many games have been seen where people derp it up and refuse to place their foot on the point they're literally beside. Don't be that guy.
  • Bastion is definitely god-tier when it comes to defending at point B on Hanamura. He can sit safely in the back of the capture point, morph into his turret, and go to town on anyone who is foolish enough to enter. Your biggest issue will be pesky Tracers who warp in to bomb you, and any long range attacks coming from angles you aren't mowing people down from. A Mercy buffing you up makes everything twice as good!
  • Torbjorn is similar to Bastion on this map for defense in that he can set himself up and just maintain himself to keep the capture points safe. The real benefit to Torbs though is the additional support you can give your team through armor packs which will let them survive longer than the enemies which means your turret might not be attacked as quickly.
  • Zenyatta's passive healing via his Orb of Harmony allows him to place it on an ally who is consistently taking damage while he is free to dish out the damage. Place Orb of Discord on a prime target to make them visible through walls so you can attack them when they reappear.
  • Zenyatta's basic attack deals very high amounts of damage, if you can aim it. Remember to preemptively fire when you know people are coming around a corner. They'll back off quickly.
  • Zenyatta's Transcendence ultimate will keep your team all alive should the attackers make it onto the capture point. Pop it while maintaining a position which allows most of your team to take advantage of the healing. Bonus points if newbies try to attack you - you're invulnerable.
  • There are plenty of pockets for Mercy to sit inside on Hanamura while she keeps her time alive and dealing plenty of extra damage. Stay out of sight of enemies and don't forget to use her Guardian Angel ability to join your friends in higher places. GA is incredibly important in the second capture point room as there are multiple floors to it and you want to stay as mobile as possible in there in response to where the enemy is attacking from.
  • Symmetra's ability to place Sentry Turrets around corners is unrivaled in the "make your opponents sad" category. With her being able to place a maximum of 6 of these, you can really deal some crazy damage and slowing effects at multiple entrances to whichever area you are trying to control.
  • Don't forget about Symmetra's Teleporter. The walks are long on Hanamura, and this is completely nullified with a Symmetra on your team. Keep the teleporter in spots that are out of the way for attackers to get to, while being close enough to help your team defend the points.
  • Hanzo and Widowmaker are both excellent choices on defense for sniping due to the number of great spots to stand at which give you decent protection of the area. Your team can afford to have a couple of snipers early on to destroy your opponent's morale, but late game you should try and keep it down to 1 - at that point you're better off with another support or turret-based hero.
  • Junkrat's Traps and Mines can slow people down through Hanamura's many doorways and since there's a good chance a tank is leading the way, that tank will end up trapped and the enemies will be forced to stay back.
  • Junkrat is really good at bouncing his grenades around while staying out of harm's way. If they happen to have some offensive snipers, you can throw grenades up towards them at hit them under their cover, forcing them out and to even switch heroes.
  • Reinhardt is such a solid tank it would be crazy not to mention him as a prime defender of Hanamura. Keep your shield up to protect your turret-friendly heroes which will be doing the bulk of the work at capture points, and make sure you play plenty of attention which direction the attacks are coming from.
  • Reinhardt's Earth Shatter will make quick work of anyone foolish enough to enter capture points as a ball of heroes, and Firestrike can also help split them apart before they get on the point.
  • Mei's Ice Wall is super effective at keeping enemies out of either capture point, but more so on point B. If they're storming the front, you can force them to wait out the wall while your teammates prepare their onslaught, or redirect them into a more tight space like the bottom side stairwell.
  • Mei's Blizzard ultimate makes quick work of attackers in the center of capture points. Unfortunately, the same can be true of Meis on the attacker's side.

Easter Eggs

  • Attackers start off inside an Arcade filled with game machines featuring characters from various Blizzard Games.
    • Fighters of the Storm - Garrosh Hellscream (WoW), Kerrigan (SC), Tychus (SC), and Tyrael (Diablo) all make an appearance in this Street Fighter clone. The name itself refers to Heroes of the Storm.
    • The Lost Vikings VI - Reference to the Lost Vikings characters and puzzle platformer by Blizzard.
    • Siege Mode 3 - Reference to Starcraft. Shows a Marine and a Siege Tank, both units of the Terran race.
    • Vivi's Adventure - Reference to Li Li from World of Warcraft.
  • D.Va is shown on a poster inside of the Attacker's Arcade Spawn - hinting at her before she was officially released.

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