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Master of Mayhem - A short Junkrat Guide


Since there is no Guide about my favourite Hero on Overpwn right now, i decided to write a bit about Junkrat and how i view him and his role in the game.


While i think even a beginner can do good damage with him and carry a game, it takes a lot more to play him to his full potential.

I will give you a short rundown on how i play him in general:


General Playstyle

In my Opinion he is something between static defending champions like Bastion, Tobjörn, etc. and attack champions.

His Strength clearly lies in stopping enemy movement or damaging enemy defenses without taking damage.

The game is won by conquering and defending slowly moving or stationary objectives, what really works well with how Junkrat is designed.

Normally, it would be really hard to hit targets with the small, bouncing grenades, but if you know exactly where your enemies have to go through or stand on to take or hold an objective they will be a lot more effective

Even if you dont hit with a lot of your grenades (if they play it correct) you will zone them away or break their defenses.

Personally i prefer Junkrat on defense payload maps, since its really easy to damage enemies who move the payload.



Since you give your opponents a hard time, its just a matter of time before some of the more mobile heroes will try to kill you.

And here is the thing that makes Junkrat so strong: If you use your abilities correct, Junkrat can hold his ground against nearly every other hero in short range! his shift ability deals tons of damage to everyone that gets hit and together with pre-fired grenades, it can kill every squishy hero instantly! That doesnt mean you should take every brawl, but while Bastions option while engaged in melee combat is most likely just dieing, you have a lot you can do!

The first thing is, like i said earlier, to blow up opponents close range with your grenade+shift combination.

The second possibility is intelligent use of your E! get a feeling on how opponents generally try to eliminate you, where they come from, where they pass through etc. and place your trap there. i prefer to put it where it is just out of sight, so when i hear it "snap" i can turn around and throw my grenades (most likely a kill).

The last way to survive is the most reliable: use your shift defensively. its really obvious so i will make this one short: blast yourself out of danger if you have a safe place you can knock yourself to or lay it the way your enemies approach from to knock them back.


If you feel safe, or think you will survive long enough, you should use your E to protect other defensive champions like sniper or a Bastion.



The last part of your kit is your Ultimate! to use the Riptire to its best, i give you a few general rules:

- Never use it on broad spaces, it gives opponents too much time to shoot it before it is in range

- try to use it from high ground, jumping in with the tire makes it a lot harder to hit

- Dont save it for a big 3-4 man explo. you will get a nice play of the game but its not effective. use it to eliminate key players like mercy, lucio or even a tank if he is not full hp

- dont try to blow up reaper if you havent seen him use his shift before

- never roll into the line of sight of tobjörn turret or Bastion!

- try to use it during big fights (but stay in a safe position) since the opponents wont be able to solely focus on the tire

- the right timing doesnt mean you need to wait until you hit more people! it means to use it for a purpose like pushing a point, defending a point, winning a team fight or even help teammates survive by blowing up flanking champions!


This way of thinking will help you with every hero! The better you get, the more you will realise how much impact good ultimates and good timing have on teamfights.


Thats it guys! I am sorry for my bad grammar etc. but the last time i wrote in english was in school and that was 8 years ago :-)

When i got some more time i will most likely update/upgrade my guide and will talk about specific map play, combination plays with other heroes etc.



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