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Genji - Art of the Kill


Updated April 27, 2016.


Guide Overview


  1. Lore
  2. Abilities
  3. Character Pros & Cons
  4. General Tips
  5. How Genji Stacks Up Against the Overwatch



Role - Offense

Name - Genji Shimada,

Age - 35
Occupation - Adventurer
Base of Operation - Shambali Monastery, Nepal
Affiliation - Shimada Clan (formerly) & Overwatch (formerly)




Cyber-Agility (passive) - Allows Genji to double jump and climb walls.


The tool tip states "climb walls", but that's not what this is, think more Assassin's Creed wall climbing, not Spiderman. At first this passive will feel awkward and disorienting to utilize; and combined with Genji's speed, you may find yourself stumbling around maps. However, as you learn about ledges, path ways, and climbable terrain – the maps quickly become a parkour wonderland where you’ll find yourself navigating as fast as you can to kill enemies, grab health packs, or juke enemies to escape death.


Shuriken (left click) – Throw an accurate burst of 3 shurikens.


Ammo: 24

Damage: 28 (per shuriken)

Headshot: 56 (per shuriken)

Rate of fire: 3 per 0.97 seconds

Reload: 1.5 seconds


Very difficult to use against enemies in air.


Fan of Blades (right click) – Throw a horizontal spread of 3 shurikens.


Ammo: 24

Damage: 28 (per shuriken)

Headshot: 56 (per shuriken)

Rate of fire: 3 per 0.73 seconds

Reload: 1.5 seconds


Better suited for close-up kills.


Swift Strike (Shift) – Rapid dash forward and inflict damage on enemies. Cooldown resets on elimination.


Damage: 50

Cooldown: 8 Seconds


Great ability, the damage isn't over the top and flows well with the character design. Can be used offensively and defensively depending on the situation you find yourself in. When Swift Strike is coupled with Genji’s passive (Cyber-Agility), you can use swift strike to zip across 80% of a ledge or gap, and can reliably assume that the double jump and wall grab that Cyber-Agility provides will make up the other 20%. Personally, I don’t think that eliminations should reset the cooldown, the ability is already terrific without that benefit, though I'm not complaining.


Deflect (E) – Deflect incoming projectiles toward the direction you are aiming.


Duration: 2 seconds

Cooldown: 8 seconds


GREAT ability, I really love this one because it adds to Genji's design as a high skill cap hero. This skill is one of the few "hidden killer" abilities that Overwatch has, and like Swift Strike, is designed well enough to be used offensively and defensively, making Genji a fun character to play on offense and defense. When using deflect, always have your camera pointed at the enemy you want to deflect incoming projectiles toward. Otherwise you will only be deflecting, and not killing. With this is mind, my advice to Genji players and Genji's enemies is the same, "Deflect is as strong as you make it".


Dragonblade (Q) – Deadly melee weapon.


Damage: 120 (per swing)

Duration: 8 Seconds



+Kill Potential: Last long enough to be effective, I never feel that I'm wasting it once used and almost always get at least one kill.

+Speed Boost: Not stated on tool tip, but a speed boost is applied to Genji for the duration of the ability in order to make running with a sword more viable.

+Not Limiting: Not stated on tool tip, but Genji's abilities are not limited while using the ultimate, Deflect and Swift Strike are still usable, though I don't believe any damage modifications are made to either abilities simply because the sword is out.

+Weapon Splash: Not stated on tool tip, but this ability also has splash damage, I’m not sure what the full frontal cone of Dragonblade is, but if enemies are close enough and in your field of vision, you will hit both of them.



-Swing Time: This ability takes forever to swing, and the cooldown time to swing again is even more frustrating; it does not fit with the Samurai/Ninja play-style. It sometimes feel like I'm swinging a claymore.

-Low Damage: The slow speed time is not made up in damage, that's for sure. The damage output is especially frustrating against tank classes like Bastion and Roadhog. I'll spend 6 seconds landing 4 swings and still not receive a kill. I'm not asking to one shot characters, or do 200 damage per swipe, but it should not be more viable to spam burst shurikens to kill Roadhog than using my ultimate ability.

-Sheathe Time: I do not feel like a pro status ninja with how long it takes me to sheathe and unsheathe this sword. It takes so long you have to wonder if Genji has even used a sword before. It's not fun to be shot to death for 2 seconds because I'm waiting to put my sword away.


Melee - Strike the enemy with your fist.


Damage: 50



Character Pros & Cons


+Mobile and agile

+High survivability

+Strong supporting abilities that contribute to killing your enemy as much as they contribute to Genji’s gameplay

+Can single-handedly win a match or turn the flow of a game

+Can perform a kill within seconds, leaving unsuspecting enemies very confused



-Shurikens are one of the harder weapons to use in the game, it can be incredibly frustrating to miss with them, and the anger is only compounded by that fact if you do miss with them then you’re probably already dead.

-Not beginner friendly

-Genji is not a core class, and does not work against every enemy comp. He should be swapped out if the game calls for it.



General Tips


Memorize every health pack, ledge, and climbable terrain for every map. Don’t be the Genji that died because he climbed the wrong wall and spent 2 seconds sliding back down it.


Roaming is Genji’s specialty. You should always be focusing on getting behind enemy lines as much as possible.


Do not trade your life 1 for 1. If you’re K/D is 1:1 on Genji, then there are other classes that might suit your play better. Genji is very polarizing this way, you’re either a good Genji, or you don’t play Genji. One of the reasons Genji is a high skill cap hero (besides his difficulty to control and aim with) exists because of Genji’s lack of team support. Realistically, Genji adds NOTHING to a team, except for his capabilities to pick off key heroes and participate in higher than average player eliminations. So if you aren’t doing that, then you aren’t doing your job as a Genji.


If you’re accustomed to Team Fortress 2, then hopefully this helps to explain Genji’s play-style a bit easier. Genji represents a mix of Scout and Spy play-styles. If you’re familiar with TF2, then you already know that Spies are one of the harder classes to play, but can be absolute killing machines that single-handedly turn the outcome of a match. However they can also be a nuisance and an overall detriment to the team if the player sucks, the same goes for Genji.


Regarding the Scout, his movement speed, navigation, and burst capabilities all need to work simultaneously with one another to take advantage of the map terrain so that you kill your enemies as fast as you can; while also dodging their attacks. Dodging is key because the Scout has a very low health pool, while Genji isn’t as fragile, there are circumstances where death in Overwatch can be just as quick if not quicker than Team Fortress 2.


Some might argue that Tracer is more “scout” like than Genji due to her superior speed, but I see Tracer as her own entity, she doesn't have the air-movement and terrain mobility that the Genji and Scout both share.



How Genji Stacks Up Against the Overwatch


Good Against


+Genji (if you get the drop first, or if they suck then this kill is yours – don’t forget to dash, this is usually the kill finisher in this matchup)


+Reaper (if you get early shurikens hits, deflect some reaper shotgun blasts, and land a fan of blades after the inevitable Reaper Wraith Form ability, you’ll have this kill 75% of the time)


+Mobile Bastion (get close and roll face, Bastion does no damage so deflection really isn’t necessary here)


+Stationed Bastion (super easy, just time your deflection right and finish them off with shurikens)


+Reinhardt (This may surprise some people, but Reinhardt is an easy kill, but not easy to kill. Usually if he's at least half dead, and because he's a big target, fan of knives spray can clean him up pretty fast. Important to note, while Reinhardt has his shield up he wont be able to damage you, so use your speed to run through it and re-position yourself. However I don't advise running head on against Reinhardt)


+Hanzo (you should be able to get the drop on this guy most of the time, however like every other class, his multi-shot will destroy you in a small room, and using deflect against arrows is difficult to aim so don’t count on it to kill him for you)


+Torbjorn (catch a Torbjorn off guard or not near his turret and it’s almost always a kill, however if he is near his turret, then try to snipe that first before moving in, if his allies are nearby then wait for your team)


+Widowmaker (no explanation needed, get behind, land a shuriken or two, reflect some bullets and dash for the kill)


+Lucio (Get behind, shuriken + dash. If you find yourself blown off a cliff, just Swift Strike your way back, Lucio doesn’t do enough damage to warrant Deflection (unless you have low health), so all effort should be spent using shurikens to get a faster kill)


+Mercy (Get behind, shuriken + dash – if she flies away, then you chase after her, killing a Mercy to prevent her ultimate is game changing; killing Mercy will always be Genji's #1 priority)


+Zenyatta (Get behind, shuriken + dash or Deflect and dash, very easy kill, you should have a 95% success rate against this hero. However keep in mind if you're orbed then it will only take 2 hits from Zenyatta to kill you)


Destroyed By


-Pharah (a good Pharah will completely out class you, they’ll be in the air shooting down AoE rockets, and you’ll be on the ground trying to hit a moving target with precision accuracy. Deflection doesn’t help much either because again, you’re trying to deflect a rocket into a moving target. However, I have had some success by dashing up next to them and right-clicking them close-up (usually for Pharah's who are already damaged).


-Winston (Deflect does not work against Winston’s Tesla Cannon. It’s unlikely that you’ll get through Winston’s 500 health/armor points and shield before he’s able cuts through you, if you’re caught out by a Winston it’s usually GG, especially with his ultimate activated, just pray that you can get away)


-Zarya (Like Winston, her Particle Cannon cannot be deflected, and her base health/armor points of 400, coupled with her self-shield makes her very difficult to kill. Usually neither of you will end up killing the other, and it’s not worth the time sink to go after her)


 -Mei (after the Genji damage nerf, combined with Mei's health pool, it's rare that a Genji will be able to burst down a Mei before they ice block; and remember to keep your distance - getting slowed, even a little, will usually result in death).


50/50 Chance


|Soldier 76 (Deflecting the gun fire from soldier 76 doesn’t really do anything, it’s the rocket you have to worry about. However if this rocket lands near you or at your feet, deflect won’t catch it, and it will obliterate you)


|McCree (if you can predict the flashbang and deflect it, you’ll sometimes get the kill, however if McCree lands the flashbang, he will always get you)


|Tracer (all the zipping will leave you traumatized and makes for a very difficult target, if you have the game sense, you can better predict where Tracer’s rewind location will be. Regarding Deflection, her guns fire so fast that you’ll probably end up using this ability while she’s reloading. This matchup is important because you NEED to win these to maintain map control. However this matchup is usually 50/50, so good luck. If you win these, your team will be MUCH better off – if you don’t win these, switch out of Genji for something more practical)


|JunkRat (His bombs will fuck you up in 1 direct hit or a few AoE hits, if you’re hit by a trap then pray his other bomb isn’t near you, otherwise it’s always an instant death. It’s worth it to deflect the bombs back at him or his team because even if they miss they still sit for a moment and provide AoE damage, so if he or an enemy teammate walks over it then you’ll probably get a kill or provide a phat toward one)


|D.Va (most of the time with this matchup I’ll get the kill on the robot but struggle to kill the girl, usually because team mates arrive or she gets a health pack. Just wait for Defense Matrix to go off and deflect the gun fire and the robot should always go down)


|Roadhog (really depends on how good the Roadhog is, if you get the drop and spam Fan of Blades fast enough this is a pretty easy kill, however if you get hooked, pray you can use swift strike to escape, and even if you do get away, his team mates will usually finish you off. Important to note, you can use your Deflection to prevent his hook from gripping you)


|Symmetra (heavily depends on the circumstance, you cannot Deflect her Photon Projector nor her turrets, if you’re caught in a room with turrets you’re probably dead, or close to it. This kill will only happen if turrets are not up, or there are few of them and you’re in a room that has a health pack available.


Hope you enjoyed, I’ll make the formatting easier and prettier to read in the future, as well as other edits as suggestions, comments, and game changes come in. I just wanted to get my thoughts down first.




Feel free to add me on Battlenet - Kophee#11401

or watch me over on twitch.tv/kophee


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