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A very Detailed MERCY guide by Equinox .


                                A VERY DETAILED MERCY GUIDE BY EQUINOX


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      Q: How to play her in the Right way ? 

         A: Let's see this hanamura map for example and talk about it.





  I will explain to you about the RED and YELLOW dots in the map , how to move without danger and what's the purpose of a healer. 


- A healer like Mercy , is OP as hell. Tbh i believe she is the best healer in the game at this moment. The purpose of her is to help her team to stay alive while taking and doing the map objective. Did you catch that ? NO? Let me tell you again then "Help and stay alive" , how about now ? Yes? Nice. You need to be careful and watch the enemy lines and your team lines. You are a healer , you are not a front row hero. If you go in front , only death awaits you , you get that ? I've seen a lot of players playing Mercy in this way , i can't stand that , 'cuz not only in this way you are not helping your team , you die and if you get mad about this and not thinking what did it go wrong , you will start flame or rage in the chat , and no one wants that , right ? RIGHT! 


Now that i explained what's the purpose of Mercy , lemme tell ya how you will stay alive ( mostly , i aint no god ) , how to move and how to help your team.  See the dots in this hanamura map above ? They are positions . Potisions that you need to remember and know , or you can call them "safe spots" . 




Number ONE : In this spot , most of the time this is a WIDOWMAKER spot. Or a HANZO spot. Either way , you can stay down while healing- damage boosting them at the start of the game. Note that it's really important for you as a mercy to charge your ultimate as soon as possible , damage boosting a sniper while he/she getting kills , will help you a lot for that ! 


Number TWO : This is a spot that mostly Mercy players are going at the end of the start game , about 2 minutes (max) later , that spot makes you literly untargetable , you are in the corner while healing the tank mostly who is in the middle of the Defend line.


Number THREE : A not so safe spot but it will help you survive while the enemy team going "all in" and they are outside from the room in the front line , but too close , you need to move from spot 2 to spot 3 , keep healing any critical heroes and the tank ofcourse while he is the one taking the most damage . Note , its very important to keep healing and switching between your teammates and not damage boosting them , you must help them to stay alive and counter the "all in attack" , boosting them might help someone to get a kill but it wont help him to stay alive , right ? 


Number FOUR : DO NOT GO THERE AT ANY COST !! That spot it's a DANGER ZONE ( alarms starts playing ) , You are exposed there , from the front and the right line. I've seen many Mercy Players camping there and moving around it , even if the danger in number 3 happens , you are not helping anyone , you will die very easy. Why ? Well , 'cuz you have no escapes and you wont be able to heal anyone , you have not time for that to be honest , you will be busy trying to stay alive. 


Number FIVE : Same as number 2 spot , but you are vurneble from behind if you stay in the middle , many tracer players will come they might even press Q and blink , this ofcourse doesn't happen that often but keep that in mind. ( Im not sayin' that only tracer will come , it was just an example ) 


Number SIX : You are now in the objective ( B ) , in this spot , most of the time you will find a sniper or Bastion/Torbjorn , you don't want to camp in this spot , cuz you are far from the others and even if you stay , you are helping only one person instead of many. But , ( there's always a but , i know ) , a good combo is to damage boost Bastion and Torbjorns turrets , it's a GG if the enemy team walks in , they will ... all.. simple.... DIE ! Note that even if you do not must camp there , you need to keep healing the person who took damage in that spot. 


Number SEVEN : No one really camps/stay there from the Defenders. Not only you are very targetable from behind and infront , the only escape is backwords.. 


Number EIGHT : That spot is the best spot for a Mercy player in the Defend team. WHY? Lets see :

1) A good spot for a bastion and damage boosting , we all know how that works

2) Everyone is walking by this spot , behind you is the fountain of your team where you spawn. Healing eveyone or boosting.

3) You are untargetable , you have a Wood infrontof you so  even if you take damage and stay alive the fountain is only couple steps away. NOTE that you are untargetable from AA and some abillities. You are not safe from Hazno's Ultimate or D.va's ultimate for example. 






Number ONE : While the time hit's 0 , you will exit you base to attack. That spot mostly is safe for using your passive. DONT forget that as a Mercy , your passive is to full heal your hp if you are not taking damage for 3sec. It's also a nice spot fo heal the tank , who is trying to kill someone in the front line.


Number TWO : Do not walk to that spot , if your tank or a teamate goes there first , press L'Shift to flight towards him. If you walk be sure that if the enemy team has a sniper , you are risking your life. U gotta be fast. That spot is good for initiation or provoke a fight , be careful as above you , it's a nice place where snipers have the habbit to be. 


Number THREE : Once more , you will use L'Shift to go there , DO NOT WALK PLEASE. WALK = DEATH. ( mostly ) . You are a squishy healer , you gotta be fast and in the backline. This spots provides you cover if you have a tank in front of you or your whole team getting ready to bate the enemy team or go " ALL IN" , you can walk to number 3 spot by number 1 spot. Kepp it mind that tracer players have also the habbit to attack from your own ground and camping inside the buildings.


Number FOUR : A healing place for a sniper or using your passive , or boosting a Bastion. 


Number FIVE : DANGER ZONE. Do not go there solo or with only one teammate . You are in the attack team , that means most of them are camping the objective , and if you try to sneak from the side , you will propably die.


Number SIX: Same as number 4 , keep in your mind tho for enemies who are walking ( ROAMING ) through the map trying getting some squishies.


Number SEVEN AND NUMBER 8 :  A long path towards the onbective B. Same things also applying here. Keep being in the back line , heal mostly the front line , don't leave your team to heal someone who is away with critical hp , it was his mistake to initiate solo.  Never , EVER leave your team for that or leave the team to chase a very low hp enemy ( even as a healer , when you see an enemy with few hp , you are triggered to kill him , DONT. Even if you do , kill him keep in mid that you left your team who initiate an attack to the objective B , and they were without a healer , so if the team fails , most of the fault could be yours , becuase tank died first as a front liner , squishies died afterwards , and you are alive getting your self a single kill. If you do that , get ready for a chat fight ( trust me it happens everything i said ) , You must follow your team and never be alone , let your team "all in where ur Q is ready" , you can press Z to inform your team your ultimate is ready , so even if they do die while attacking , they will all revive after 1,5 sec , and will kill the enemies. Why they will kill the enemies ? Well , it's simple. :

 MOST OF THE ENEMY ABILLITIES ARE ON COOLDOWN. You must to remember that , most defenders are using all of their abillities in a teamfight , if you manage to revive your team , most of their spells are still on CD so you have plenty of time to kill them.


( The above aplies for evey single initiation you will do at any point of the map )




                                        Now , lets SEE SOME TIPS AND TRICKS FROM all the above into a picture , shall we ?




For new players : Here's a video of the Mercy's Kit : 




As a healer , if you find a bad team , you will also find toxic players . They aren't many of them , but they are in game. DO NOT ( i repeat) DO NOT , answer them at any point and do not keep a grudge. Many healers have the habbit to not heal or even do not press Q to someone who was flaming them , remember that you are still playing and still that flamer is a part of your team , maybe he is toxic , but surely he must be an alive one. Losing due to those idiotics reasons is rediculous , not only for you , but for the whole team. 


                                   Mercy works really good with : 





Fun fact : Most of the times that Mercy Revives more then 3 teammate that were killed by an awesome enemy combo , the enemy team are getting salty and starting to hate Mercy. Who cares ?! You surely don't. 






Who the hell am i to tell you how to play Mercy ? Well my name in game is Equinox , i played enough in the closed beta and into the stress test , i play mostly , or you can say ONLY Mercy , i saw many reviews and gameplay videos from other players , and i decided to share my thoughts and tips with you guys. Im sorry for my typos or bad english. I wanna thank the OVERPWN for the hanamura map picture 'cuz i was unable to find any map picture anywhere else. All pictures were found by googlle and some of them were photoshoped ( Dah? ) . 


The time for open beta and realise is getting close. Until then , have fun and always remember that Heroes Never Die !!!! 







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