D.Va Guide

D.VA - Basics of mechanical menace




REAL NAME:  Hana Song

AGE : 19


ROLE :  Tank


MECH HP:  500

PILOT HP : 150


D.va is Tank with highest armor value hit points in the game so far. 80% of her mech hit points are armor (400 hp) allowing her to take huge amounts of damage before ejecting from her mech. 

Armor has flat damage reduction of 5 points but for instances of damage less then 10 points each , damage cannot be reduced below half the base damage. It is most effective against weapons with high rate of fire such as Soldier's or Tracer's weapons.




FUSION CANNONS :  Ammo:  Infinite (no reloading)
                                       Damage:  0.5 - 3 per pellet (24 max damage) - (fall-off distance damage)
                                       Fire Rate:  7 rps
                                       Default Hotkey:  LM


Fusion cannons are D.VA's main attacking weapon dealing more damage the closer the enemy is . It is extremely effective in close combat due to its huge hit box so you want to get close to deal a huge amount of dmg and  hit enemy weak spots more easily . It deals solid amount of damage on medium range too soo its not bad for picking off wounded targets on medium range as well. Do not use cannons from a far as they are very bad for long range combat .


BOOSTERS :  Duration:  2 seconds
                        Damage:  25 (for enemies she knock backs while boosting)
                        Cooldown:  5 seconds
                        Default Hotkey:  Shift


Boosters are D.VA's main utility skill used for higher paced movement on the battlefield . It has a low cooldown of 5 seconds so it's very often utilized and provides the hero with necessary mobility to engage the fight or disengage it, grab nearby health packs faster ,  knock enemies away , getting on top of structures with ease , locking enemy positions etc. It can be canceled earlier by firing so you dont have to go through full duration if you don't want to. 


DEFENSE MATRIX :  Cooldown:  6 seconds 
                                     Duration:  3 seconds
                                     Default Hotkey:  E


Defense Matrix is D.VA's defensive ability allowing her to block most incoming projectiles . You cannot use fusion cannons with the matrix as it will cancel it. What you can do however is use boosters combined with the matrix to penetrate enemy heavy defenses without taking any damage before reaching your desired destination. Matrix can also block game changing ultimates such as Death Blossom , Barrage , Tactical Visor , Deadeye and more . It cannot block melee attacks and channeled weapons as well as Symmetra's sentries and Roadhog's hook.


SELF-DESTRUCT :  Cast Time:  4 seconds (before explosion)
Damage:  1000 and falls off from point of explosion.  Can do Self-Damage to D.va, but no damage to her allies.

                                  Default Hotkey:  Q


Self-destruct is D.VA's ultimate ability ejecting her out of the mech creating a large AOE explosion from Mech's location . It is easily avoidable by moving behind objects or simply out of line of sight . Utilizing boosters allows you to fling your mech while self-destructing to the far away locations which is a great way to deal with stationary defenses . It is also harder to figure out where the mech will be when it explodes so it might even result in some kills.




LIGHT GUN :    Ammo:  20
Fire Rate:  6.66 rps
Damage:  14
Default Hotkey:  LM


Light Gun is D.VA's primary weapon when she ejects from her mech. It deals significant damage and is effective on any range unlike mech's cannons. Generally you want to find cover when your mech is destroyed and shoot from a distance until you can call forth a new mech with D.VA's next and final ability.


CALL MECH:    Cast Time:  2 seconds
                           Damage:  50 (for anyone immediately around D.va while she is getting in her new mech)
                           Default Hotkey:  Q


Call Mech is D.VA's human form ultimate ability allowing her to resummon her destroyed mech and go back into combat . Ultimate in human form charges fast so if you survive and do some damage as human you get your mech back as a reward .





WIDOWMAKER :  In general D.VA is good against widow. You can use boosters combined with matrix to get close to her. Widow can counter that by grappling somewhere else but if she grappled recently she will be an easy target. In human form D.VA is a harder target to snipe due to her very small hit box, but you don't want to test your luck and should look for cover against widow .


BASTION/TORBJORN :  Similar to the widowmaker your boosters/matrix combo works well against bastion allowing you to reach him unharmed and buy your team the time to eliminate him or push forward more easily. If you can't reach torbjorn or bastion you can fling your ultimate to break the turret down or force a reposition again buying a lot of time for your teammates to progress forward .


MERCY : If the enemy team has mercy you can decide to go and flank her . She is an easy target up close and takes longer to come back into combat then D.VA so she is also generally a good trade.




MEI:  Mei's primary LM freeze is good against you since you need to get close to deal some real damage.  Her iceblock can also buy a lot of time and save her so she is in general not a good target for you. You can block her RM icicles from a distance but you are a not a real threat to her. Mei's Icewall can block your ultimate ability rendering it useless .


ROADHOG:  Roadhog is strong against D.VA due to her large mech hitbox . His Scrap gun can melt your mech easily and his Hook ability cannot be blocked by matrix as well allowing him to easily hook you from a far and take you down .



This covers the basics for D.VA . Note that this is just a basic guide for players who want to know more about D.VA and want to play and practice D.VA to be more efficient. I picked the heroes she is strong against and weak against based on gameplay experience as well as some basic ability tips and tricks I use, however there are likely more heroes she can be good and bad against in various situations .



Thank you for reading the guide, we sincerely hope you enjoyed it. If you have any requests, opinions or you find a mistake, please be sure to leave it in the comments section.


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