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Mei is a defense hero who excels mainly at fighting in close range, and breaking up the enemy teams strategy with her Ice Wall. Mei has a lot of survivability with Cryo-Freeze and 250 health, allowing her to extend where most heroes wouldn't dare go. Her abilities allow her a lot of control over team fights and pushes with her Ice Wall to split up the enemy team and her Endothermic blaster to pick off the squishier heroes with a freeze/alt fire combo or freezing high priority targets for your team to pick off. Lastly her ultimate ability Blizzard if placed correctly can turn the tide of the match with its ability to hinder the enemy teams ability to fight back properly.



Endothermic Blaster

This gun fires a ray of frost in front of you with your main fire button, it does 45 dps and takes 2 seconds to freeze your target doing 90 damage to your target by the time they're frozen. It has 200 ammo in a clip and it takes roughly 45 ammo to freeze your target. Its alt fire shoots a very accurate icicle at your target that does 75 damage on a body shot and 150 damage on headshot. With these numbers, you have enough ammo to freeze and eliminate 2 targets before having to reload as long as they have below 250 health.




This ability freezes you making you invincible and immobile for the duration. It lasts for 4 seconds and heals you for 150 health over the duration, you can exit the freeze early trading off the healing for throwing your opponents timing off. The cooldown is 12 seconds, keeping this in mind is essential for surviving longer fights.



Ice Wall

This ability erects a wall of ice in a line that can lift players or block off players. It lasts for 4.5 seconds and comes off cooldown in 10 seconds. If you hit the ability once more before placing it, you can change the direction it faces, pressing the ability after placing the wall breaks the wall down. You can use this ability to get yourself or others to places they otherwise couldn't go. The enemy can shoot at your Ice Wall and break down the individual pillars that make up the wall, this gives you blocking fire.




This is your ultimate ability. You throw Snowball, Mei's robot, at an area where Snowball jumps up and starts laying a freezing area of effect in a circle. The ability lasts for 5 seconds, slowing and eventually freezing all enemies who don't make it out of it in time. It does a significant amount of damage and you can generally take down lower health pool characters with an alt fire headshot.




  • Reinhardt - Your Ice Wall can give Reinhardt a wall to pin someone to in places they would normally have to over extend or not even get the pin at.
  • Junkrat - Ice wall gives Junkrat a place to bounce his grenades.
  • Hanzo - Blocking someone in a room with Hanzo gives him a better place for scattershot.
  • Bastion - Ice Wall can give Bastion a unique starting sentry positions to surprise your enemies.




  • Mei - This fight comes down to acknowledging who connected the first hit and disengaging asap with an Ice Wall and re-engaging in a better situation. 
  • McCree - Using Cryo-Freeze on Flashbang is crucial in dealing with them, following up with an Ice Wall can keep them from getting away.
  • Pharah - Waiting to pick Pharah off in the air with your alt fire is your best bet, though catching her off guard on the ground can sometimes yield results.
  • Reaper - Respecting Reapers shotguns is very important, if you can catch him before he notices, you'll just have to follow his Wraith Form and finish him off.
  • Genji - Deflect doesn't stop your main fire, this fight shouldn't be much of an issue.
  • Tracer - This fight can be very frustrating, though one alt fire headshot can end it very quickly. 




  • Ice Wall can be used not only to get up to places, but also further to places.
  • Cryo-Freeze keeps your Mercy from healing you, this can pose issues in some situations.
  • Freezing enemies can cancel or delay ultimates for nearly all heroes.
  • Lifting yourself with Ice Wall in a fight can give you a vantage point while throwing off your opponents aiming.
  • Ice Wall can be placed on the payload to get to places you wouldn't be able to get to otherwise.
  • Alt fire can still be used when you have less then 25 ammo in your clip.



                                                           For future patch changes





This guide will be maintained and worked on for as long as I am able to.


You can catch me playing mostly Mei on my twitch channel @ https://www.twitch.tv/aitheru most evenings.


I'll be happy to answer any questions you have about Mei either here or on twitch and any relevant comments will be considered for further guide updates.


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