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Widow - One Shot, One Kill [Guide]


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I'm Sulfus aka Night, 18 years old hardcore player from France and i played Overwatch Beta & Alpha for more than 300 hours of  intense game.


I reached Master Rank in Solo Q on beta only with Widowmaker and Genji with approximately 89% of winrate for more than 100 games


This guide will include general information on Widowmaker, her matchups, my advices, and all tips i can give you.







  • Widowmaker's rifle in assault mode :

Ammo :  30

Damage :  13

Fire Rate :  10 rps

Reload :  1.5 seconds

Range : Medium / Close


  • Widowmaker's sniper rifle :

Ammo :  30  (uses 3 per shot)

Damage :  17 - 150

Fire Rate :  1 rps

Reload :  1.5 seconds



/!\ Sniper fully charges to 100% in approximately 1,2 seconds /!\



  •  Grappling Hook : Allows to take into a good sniper spot or flee bad situations
  •  Venom Mine :

Damage:  75

Duration:  5 seconds

Range:  3 meter radius (once triggered)

Stackable:  No

Cooldown:  15 seconds


  • Infra Sight :

Widowmaker's recon visor allows her and her team to see the heat signatures of her targets through walls and objects for a moderate amount of time.




  • This girl is badass asf
  • Actually the best sniper of the game
  • One of the best heroe when well mastered
  • Very good damages, and well mastered this heroe is a real cancer
  • One of the best ultimate of the game, because the loading of her ult is fast and inaudible (if you compare her voice when she use her ult, you can't heard anything except if you close with her) ==> This is very difficult to know before death if ennemy team got Infra-Sight
  • Can have a real impact on the game



  • Dependent on a very good positionning
  • Very hard to master
  • Dependent on a very good aim
  • Dependent on a very good team
  • No way to retreat if ennemy team is making all their possible to kill you (especially versus a Genji or a Babysited Sniper that getting help by a Reinhardht, Winston or a Mercy)


  • Heroes Matchups

Widowmaker is weak against ..

"Even if I sacrifice my body, I will never sacrifice my honor."


Genji is one of the best counter of Widowmaker (especially if he is pretty good) because first he can reflect Widowmaker bullet and kill you in 1 second like a boss :

 ==> Look Video Below



If you still alive after his reflect, don't forget that he got a Swift Strike that permit him to get on your sniper spot and kill you without problems


"Imagination is the essence of discovery."



Winston is a REAL BIG PROBLEM for ALL Widowmakers !

This dude got the best abilities to counter you, his barrier projector need more than 4/5 sniper rifle shoots with 100% of power to get down, he got a jump pack that permit him to get like Genji into EVERY spots you are, and he can finish you with Tesla Cannon without problems because even with a nice quickscoping, you can't kill him before he get you down ( too much HP)


 "Justice will be done"


The Reinhardht screen is a huge problem if you want to snipe ennemy team correctly, always ask to your mate to put down his screen or you won't do anything.             



Widowmaker is good against ..


"True self is without form"


Zenyatta suck in the actual meta because the amount of HP he have is ridiculous and making him the best target for a Widow.




                                                                              "Build ‘em up, break ‘em down."


    Widowmaker is one of the best heroes versus Torbjorn, because with 2 shots you can get his cancer turret down without any problems,and then unlock the situation of your team mates that can go on the point or with the payload.


                     "Bip.. bip.. BIP"


This dude is pretty cancer for a lot of heroes, but with a Widowmaker .. ==> EASY TARGET
Tip : In Turret mode, the weakness of bastion isn't his head, but a little blue square on his back


                            "I will protect the innocent."


Special matchup there, a good Pharah is dangerous for everyone, but a good Widow will always one shot Pharah, this girl is a pretty easy target in flying mode.



                                      "I'll be watching over you."


Mercy is ALWAYS the heroe you want to get before ANYTHING cause of her ultimate. She is a pretty important and easy target because she depend of her team mates.


 Synergize well with..



Her damage boost is pretty good.



His screen give you a little amount of time for easy sniping.



Can finish the wounded ennemies that you have hurt.




Sniping Spots



 Tips and advices


  • Widowmaker can take damage from her own Venom Mine (once triggered by an enemy), but her allies take no damage.
  • You will see an arrow above your Venom Mine ability on the bottom right corner to let you know that you currently have a Venom Mine placed on the map somewhere.
  • Even if you got a lot of ult, try to put it in good moments ( it's very important to anticipate the LAST moment of the game because ennemies will always rush for the Overtime, using Infra-Sight at the last moment could be very interesting)
  • Change your sniping spot as much as you can because ennemy team will always know where you are
  • Communication is very very important while playing Widowmaker, try to talk with your mates and try to know where the ennemies are, in general except if the ennemy Genji/Sniper is more good than you, there's no problems.



- 23/05/2016 : Basic Widowmaker Guide



Thanks for reading my first guide, I want to apologize for the spelling and the mistakes i could do because it's my first guide, and i'm french (it's pretty hard to write a guide in english for me^^)

For any questions or complaint about this guide, just ask all your questions below i will answer you as soon as possible !

You can add me on Bnet if you want : Night#23323





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