Reaper Guide

Keep Calm and Reap On


Reaper is currently the best hero for:

The key behind excelling at this role is all about location, location, location. Using your Wraith Form and Shadow Step together to find optimal positioning will allow you to weave your way behind enemy lines and dominate your foes.


  • Know the map. Use less traveled side-passages.
  • Use Shadow Step for elevation changes and to quickly avoid long hallways to change vertical positioning.
  • When encountered/spotted, use Wraith Form to quickly get away. Especially when fighting for a point, enemies are loathe to chase a Wraith Reaper.
  • When a high value target is identified, use Wraith Form to close the ground for advantageous positioning. Few heroes can beat Reaper in close combat.
  • Always try to get to the enemy from behind. The best moments as Reaper are when you are able to Shadow Step behind the enemy trying to hold their ground and earning multi-kills by mowing them down from behind.
  • Reaper is the best counter for Bastion. When up against a Bastion player, your goal is to make that player regret picking Bastion. Bastion is a major thorn in the side of many heroes. He needs to be dealt with or he can hold down a point almost completely by himself.
  • Use Death Blossom from behind. Reaper is relatively squishy. In close quarters where an enemy can kill you head on, you will evaporate. If a enemy spots you as you position for Death Blossom, you likely will die before the duration is complete. Ideally, find a elevated position behind the enemy and drop in and Death Blossom. Also, to ensure success, make sure your team is engaging the enemy position prior to using your ultimate. Even perfect positioning will lead to failure if you are the only target.
  • Keep an eye out for enemy Widowmaker's. Widowmaker is easy prey as she can do substantial damage to your team, but generally has bad close-quarter map awareness due to being scoped.
  • Avoid Roadhog's hook. If he snags you, you are likely dead.
  • Pharah can be an annoyance as you don't have the range to deal with her. Use your shadowstep to move to a covered position and try to relocate.
  • Focus on squishy enemy heroes as you can make quick work of them. Giving up your position for a tank kill is not worth it. You spend a lot of time "inactive" from the fight getting into position with the payoff being a well-time multi-kill. Spending this "positioning time" to get a single kill or less will put your team at a disadvantage.
  • Don't use Shadow Step to a position where an enemy will likely see. There is a cooldown period on teleportation where an enemy can shoot you before you are able to react.
  • Use Wraith Form after killing Junkrat. Since you'll likely be close range, you want to avoid his suicide damage.

Best to Counter







Works well with

Tracer (she is good at making the enemy team nervous and turning their backs)



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