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    posted a message on Is McCree Overpowered?

    I think he needs to be nerfed.

    Sure there is counterplay, but a champion doesn't need to be overpowered to get a nerf.

    Let's look at the facts:

    He is insanely powerful at close range. He kills tanks, destroys very agile supports like lucio and can hold his own against every other hero.

    But the reason to be nerfed lies elsewhere in my opinion. He is too strong at every range to be this strong in close range if that makes sense to you.  If he can hold his own against heroes like Soldier or Pharah at midrange, he shouldn't be able to completely demolish them (and every other hero) at close range. You don't need to look at his counterplay, you need to compare him and his strengths and weaknesses to other heroes who fulfill a similiar role.

    He is very strong in every Teamcomp and on every map (attack/defense).

    He is the only offense hero that can destroy tanks in meleerange, where they are in their comfort zone.

    He is the best offense hero to protect his support (mercy).

    He is strong on every skill-level (His Ult and Flashbang/Rightclick Combo are easy to use in beginner/casual games and his very accurate left click give pro players a high skill ceiling. In every competitive game, you will see 1 or even 2 mccrees on each side.)

    His mobility is bad, but is it really bad enough to make him so strong? you dont need high mobility, since you have a Team that compensates for it. Standing behind reinhardt, speed from lucio and the ability to "just kill instead of running away" are more than enough.

    Blizzard needs to balance heroes while expecting a strong team comp around them. You cant balance a hero for 5 offense 1 defense comps or things like that.


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    posted a message on Bringing a hammer to a gun fight
    Quote from gLockwoRk_ >>
     I like Reinhardt in an casual environment because of his durability. Besides this, if the enemy team focus his shield, he is pretty much "useless". His Charge is easy to avoid and his Fire Strike is either to less damage or he needs a little cooldown decrease.
    His Ulti is pretty OK i guess - atleast a great pair with his cleave Left-Click.
    Most of the time your teammates ignore the fact that you soak up the enemy damage and they could stand behind the Shield and shoot.
    Don't get me wrong, I like Reinhardt, but he is situational like any other hero and by far not the best tank.
     He is not as situational as every other Tank. His shield makes him the strongest Tank-pick in nearly every Situation. You see Zarya, Winston and Roadhog, but not instead of him, but together with him. I only saw him getting swapped for Winston (for Double Winston engage-comps).
    I really like his Kit, but as your enemies aim gets better, he gets more and more pushed into the role of a "Shieldbot". Dont get me wrong, you can have good plays on every skill level, but fighting actively is just not as effective as giving a shield for your team.
    Depending on the match, he can be really fun to play or the most boring hero in the game.
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    posted a message on Bastion might need some tweaking

    i dont think bastion is generally a bad champ at higher levels of the game... i played the game a lot in the last couple of weeks and ofc i realised how easy it is to counter a bastion, but thats because even good players tend to go for the solo/offensive plays bc its really boring to camp on a bastion and defend it.

    while its true, that bastion can be the focus of the enemies and be killed, if he absorbs the whole 1000 hp shield he soaked more dmg than most tanks in a short fight. dont forget, that he will most likely die very fast, but with the right support/tank comb, he lives long enough to deal crazy amounts of damage to the enemy team.

    also you dont need to play him all game long. i often use him gibraltar offense right at the start to get rid of the defense line, after that you can switch to something more mobile.


    while i agree, that he should be reworked, i wouldnt say he is generally bad except in beginner games.


    so what do you guys think a rework should look like? i hate the idea of completely changing the hero, but what could be done to make him more balanced?

    my idea would be to nerf his stationary form and buff his normal form.

    you could nerf his stationary form in a lot of ways, for example nerf his amount of shield, his amount of ammo or his damage

    buffing his normal form could work by giving him more ammo/dmg and rework his E (maybe make it like a HoT and give it a cooldown, so he can fight while repairing)

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