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  • posted a message on Symmetra

    I have to disagree for the most part, I've loved playing Symmetra. Supports that aren't just heal-bots feel so satisfying to play especially when you hold down an objective.


    Symmetra's strong point is definitely buying time for your team or just to kill time on the objective timer on Payload maps.

    Also - Why does Symmetra have to change because Torbjörn is similar. Torbjörn needs a nerf in my opinion and maybe taking away his ability throw out armor to teammates would be just the thing to make Symmetra feel slightly more unique and nerf Torbjörn at the same time. Just my thoughts.

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  • posted a message on Never Before Seen: Datamined Hero Sprays - Potential Unlockables

    Could anyone post the .png files for these? Would love to use the first Symmetra spray shown here.

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