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    posted a message on Overpwn not keeping up to date?

    Sorry for the silence everyone. I wish I could have shared more information with you earlier, but nothing was solidified.


    Post BlizzCon, OverPwn was no longer a site with news under my control. There were some delays in getting stuff up on the site during BlizzCon due to overlap between Hearthstone happenings, but I'm glad I was still able to do coverage.


    The site will be closing down starting on March 1st of 2017. The official announcement can be viewed on the front page.


    Good luck to everyone with competitive Season 3! See you in-game.

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    posted a message on Why is it that overpwn doesn't cover the sombra AGR

    Oh and I figured I should put this out there. I'd love to be proven wrong about a lot of those Twitter accounts not being involved. That then would have added some nice depth to the whole thing and actually made some people consider we might be fooled.

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    posted a message on Why is it that overpwn doesn't cover the sombra AGR

    There's a few reasons why we haven't had in-depth coverage of the ARG, allow me to explain.

    Not Enough Time

    I'm a one-man team covering the front-page and OverPwn is not the highest site on my priority list. The majority of my time is dedicated to HearthPwn (our sister Hearthstone site) and the past few days have required my full attention. 

    Reddit is doing a pretty good job!

    With something like an ARG, reddit is pretty awesome at keeping everything up to date. Constant threads alerting people to stuff, people recapping it, people actually digging deep. The hundreds of people taking part in making sure everyone is up to date will beat us out easily.

    Climbing through mountains of misinformation thanks to trolls suck.

    Even the people maintaining threads on reddit are doing a poor job of it. The second someone says something, it's been highlighted without any simple fact checking. This extends the whole time thing. If I wasn't busy elsewhere I'd be busy fact-checking everything and reporting on it.


    I have no intentions on reporting false information here on OverPwn. Misleading the community is bad, Facts are good! If we don't have the time to make sure everything is perfect, there's no reason to talk about it.


    And while on the subject of trolls.

    The people on Twitter pretending to be Skycoder are hilarious. More hilarious is the people actually giving them publicity. Just because people decided to start tweeting out each little bit of code from the ARG doesn't mean they have inside knowledge on it. If something they said links up to something that comes from Blizzard later on, that's great, but there's a lot of people taking some of these tweets way too seriously when it's total randoms doing it. I'm willing to bet that Blizzard, if they were doing community takeovers, would get the big time streamers involved, not the random guy with 1000 followers running a fansite.


    Oh and any of the streamers / content creators that are tweeting out stuff from confirmed fakes.. they're just trolling. They would have had direct instructions on what they can and can't post.



    This was also pretty funny in the whole misinformation thing. The simplest fact checking would have prevented anyone from posting about this and instantly shutting it down.


    • It's not hosted by Blizzard's servers. Easily reversed through online tools.
    • The domain is registered through Namecheap, Blizzard uses Network Solutions for their domains.
    • The domain's owner forgot to hide his info / mimic Blizzard's.
    • Blizzard hasn't been using Google Analytics tracking code on the moment in crime website, yet this website uses it. There's no reason for this to change. Funny how people are actually trying to figure out what the tracking code means.. it doesn't mean anything, it's just a way for them to track website visits.


    Okay I've actually kind of gotten off-topic, but I felt it was stuff that needed to be said on the subject of misinformation.


    I do think overall this ARG has been pretty lame and I'm surprised people are taking it as serious as they are. The gating through timers is really silly, they should have added way more complexity and just let the community figure it out. I assume the reason why they haven't done that though is due to them not wanting someone to be around at 4 AM on a Saturday for a big announcement when its all figured out.


    We've reported on the most recent part of it, the moment in crime counting up. Periodic important updates will follow but there's a good chance if it just turns into more timers we won't report on it any further. 


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    posted a message on [Known Issue] " Loading editor..." -- Private Message Reply feature broken

    Hey guys, update!


    We were able to get in a quick fix and a deployment for it this evening so private message conversations are working as intended. Sorry about the issues and thanks to Aaron and Jason for getting it out for us <3

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    posted a message on Hanzo Original Song

    Very cool!

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    posted a message on Let's welcome a new mod on Overpwn : Xni!

    <3 Xni, welcome to the team :D

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    posted a message on Golden Guns and Season...

    I received 1 competitive point for my first win during my skill testing games.


    Jeff said better players would get them faster which makes me think 1 competitive point is baseline reward for winning a match. 300 Matches at the lowest tier to get a single golden gun, maybe 30 at a higher end tier?


    We'll have to wait and see once more people are ranked to check out the reward structure to get a better idea, or as Xni has said, until they give us a developer update to explain it, though I don't know if they'll go through it in much detail.

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    posted a message on UI Textures Not Loading

    This isn't a tech support forum for Overwatch. You need to visit the forums if you want help with the game.



    OverPwn is not run by Blizzard, we're just a community site.

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    posted a message on Game crashes way too often. help plx

    This isn't a tech support forum for Overwatch. You need to visit the forums if you want help with the game.



    OverPwn is not run by Blizzard, we're just a community site.

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    posted a message on Add a suggestions subforum and move Hero Creations to there.

    Hi Zeror,


    We have no intentions of creating a Suggestions forum, they're better off being discussed / ignored in general discussion. 


    We like the Hero Creations forum where it is, it's easily accessible and it's a great place for people to share their hero ideas.

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    posted a message on Roadhog Guide - hacked or glitched?

    Sorry for the delayed response, gLockwoRk_. Been out for a lot of the weekend and I've been slowing catching up on things.


    I've sent this on to our development team to see if they can figure out how it happened. Will update once I know more.

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    posted a message on Not Able to run Overwatch

    We can't help you on here, you need to post on the Official Blizzard Forums - we don't provide game support here on OverPwn.

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    posted a message on Complaint regarding /Fluxflashor

    There is no "FluxFlashir" present on this site.


    Your incredibly informative post has been passed along. I won't warn you for trolling this time, or for posting on the wrong forum, but you best be on good behaviour going forward.

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    posted a message on Welcome to the Streams & Videos Forum! Important Forum-specific Rules!

    Welcome to the Streams & Videos Forum! A forum built for sharing your stream, videos, and videos from your favourite content creators.


    This forum has a special set of additional rules than our other forum, please read them below. We've also included some tips for you to make your thread stand out and be the best that it can be.

    Forum Rules

    Thread Creation


    • Threads are only allowed in English.
    • Stream & Videos are for videos that are not Play of the Game (PotG) / Highlights
    • You may create one (1) thread for all of your personal Streams & Videos.
    • If you start a different series that is separate from your other ones, you are allowed for an additional thread dedicated ONLY to that particular series.

      Warning : If we see you abuse of the additional thread per series we will hand-out warnings.


    • You may only bump your thread when you add new content (a video) or when your stream goes live.
    • You may only bump your thread once per day.

    What will happen when rules are broken:

    • Warnings may be handed out to those who break these rules
    • Faulty thread or bumping post will be deleted.
    • If a user continues to go against the rules, this may lead to a ban.

    Questions or not sure if your thread is allowed?

    Feel free to ask any of the mods. We will be happy to help you and answer your questions. If you are not sure if your series breaks the rules or what not poke us. We will review it and make sure that it's all fair and good.


    Thread Pro Tips

    • Add an avatar to your account (do so here)
    • Tell us a bit about yourself!
    • Let us know what your streaming schedule is.
    • Link your social media information so we can follow you.
    • Include a link to your streaming thread in your forum signature (do so here)

    Be sure to remember, by being more active on the forums, you will get your name out there and may get some more people interested in your content!

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    posted a message on Welcome to the Play of the Game Forum!

    Welcome to the Play of the Game Forum!


    This forum was created to allow everyone to submit their videoified (that's a word, trust me) Plays of the Game to share with the community. So get that recording software out, login to your YouTube account, and start posting your plays of the game on this forum.


    Forum Rules

    Thread Creation


    • Threads are only allowed in English.
    • Play of the Game (PotG) / Highlights videos are for your own personal PotG/Highlights
    • You may create one (1) thread for all of Play of the Game / Highlights.
    • Videos include : Youtube, gifs, or gifvs, or whatever format that is animated. No screenshots.

    What will happen when rules are broken:

    • Warnings may be handed out to those who break these rules
    • Faulty thread(s) will be deleted.
    • If a user continues to go against the rules, this may lead to a ban.

    Questions or not sure if your thread is allowed?

    Feel free to ask any of the mods. We will be happy to help you and answer your questions. If you are not sure if your series breaks the rules or what not poke us. We will review it and make sure that it's all fair and good.



    We welcome your feedback below!


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    posted a message on Overwatch is causing my PC to overheat and shut down

    75c is quite a normal temperature for most video cards under load, ardx3000. If your GPU is indeed overheating and causing the shut down, you need to either:


    • Improve air flow in your case to get rid of the excess heat
    • Take the GPU out and shoot some compressed air into the fan(s) to clean them off
    • Tone down your Overwatch graphical settings right when the game opens
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    posted a message on ''Your rendering device has been lost! Application closing!''

    Sorry, but this forum is for OverPwn site feedback and support - we can't help you with the game itself. Please visit the forums for tech support.

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    posted a message on GG Blizzard Authentication not working

    Blizzard pls.

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    posted a message on GeForce GTX 1080
    Quote from LegenDari >>
     You mean May? :D
     That's the third time today I've said March instead of May.. I'm losing it.
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    posted a message on How much IRL gold will a LootBox cost?
    Quote from DallunkenS >>

    There has been a statement of it, can't remember tho if it was in a Bluepost or if Jeff Kaplan told us in a Developer Update on youtube

    Yep, it was stated by Jeff Kaplan at some point in time they were thinking about it. Lylirra recently (in February) clarified that only boxes would be purchasable and credits would not be.
    At the moment, the only thing we're looking to be purchasable with real money once the game is live are Loot Boxes. Exact details are still TBD (including pricing), but we'll share that information as soon as it's available. We're definitely looking forward to player feedback.


    (For clarity: This option would not replace the current mechanic of "level up > earn Loot Box," it would simply be offered in addition to it. You would still receive a Loot Box each and every time you leveled up.)

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    posted a message on Official "Did you get in?" thread!

    I've unpinned this thread and locked it due to Beta finally being shut down.


    Congratulations to everyone who made it to the original Beta Club. I hope to see everyone on the field on May 24th!

    I can't wait to start playing again and noob it up!

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    posted a message on GeForce GTX 1080

    It's already possible to run Overwatch in 4K with maxed out graphics with at the very minimum a stable 60 FPS (likely more) on a 980 TI + i7 5000-series from what I've seen. That is at a 75% render scale.


    1080 should really push the game and allow for even more stable high framerates at higher render scaling.


    Hell, a 980 ti may even be able to go 100% render scale, not certain on that one but I will have to ask a friend about it when the game returns May 24th!

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    posted a message on Overpwn, could you tie skins to Hero pages?

    Redoing the hero pages to include more info is something we'd like to do. Maybe we can do something a tad more basic with this before the redesign.

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    posted a message on who made this site?

    I'm unable to reproduce this in chrome, even if I span it across 5760x1080. Which version are you rocking and on what os? Have you tried without addons in incognito?

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    posted a message on Guide Disappeared?

    Unmarked your guide as spam, Jaundicepiece. 


    BTW, you'd have been better off asking this in the site feedback forum as it is not only the correct place to post it, but it also alerts any site staff subscribed to that forum so we may notice it sooner ;)

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    posted a message on Suggestion Mainpage (Newest Hero Additions) Add a box with written Guides

    Thanks for the suggestion, gLockwoRk_. We definitely aren't done yet with guides and I'm certain we'll get something out eventually to help promote them in other areas!

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    posted a message on Apparently my Roadhog Guide gone missing

    Looks like your guide was incorrectly marked as spam when it was edited. I've removed it from the spam filter.


    (I've also enabled notifications for this forum, wasn't getting emails for new threads!)

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    posted a message on What are you most excited about with the beta returning today?

    Cannot wait to get all the details on the new progression system. I want my cosmetics!


    Also, Pharah my love, we shall meet again. And you too, Zenyatta.

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    posted a message on What are you most excited about with the beta returning today?



    Is it the new maps? Progression system? Hero updates? Just getting to play 6-man tracer rush again?

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    posted a message on Preordered = No beta?
    Quote from Fluin >>

    Actually, pre-purchasing lowers your chances: it's a b2p game, and you already confirmed your loyality by buying it. Simple marketing. 

    "Currently, pre-ordering does not have any impact on your chance to get into Closed Beta."
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    posted a message on Official "Did you get in?" thread!
    Quote from Phoenixyza >>

    Patch notes will be out at 7pm CET (10am PST), I'm quite sure. Game will be up probably later.

    Please dont go crazy in the EU, because Blizzard is a US. company and while it's already afternoon in the EU, it's night/dawn in the US.

    Quite sure, eh?
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    posted a message on Preordered = No beta?

    Pre-purchasing won't change your chances of getting into beta.

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    posted a message on Pricing Information for Overwatch - PC, Xbox One, Playstation 4
    Quote from loltrollo >>
     Normally Blizzard don´t give out sprecific Keys for Preorder Items. Normally they award every Account, which gets the game within 2 Weeks after Release, all the Preorder-Rewards. This way every Retailer is "eligible" for Customers to get Preorder Rewards...
    They did it with SC2 LotV for beta access + prologue mission unlocks. While that doesn't confirm it will happen with Overwatch as well, it's the best available info atm since Blizzard hasn't made a statement on it.
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    posted a message on Pricing Information for Overwatch - PC, Xbox One, Playstation 4
    Quote from ChooLer >>

    Hey Flux,


    I would like to ask if we only have to pay for the pre-purchase/beta access and the game will be f2p once it's released or the price stays even after.

    For clarity's sake:
    Overwatch is Pay to Play. There have been no announcements for a free version of the game. 
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    posted a message on Pricing Information for Overwatch - PC, Xbox One, Playstation 4
    Quote from Pinkie3Pie >>

    Any infos if I can get the widowmaker skin with the collectors edition?

    Same deal with the base edition, it's available with your pre-order. I can only assume keys will be distributed by the retailer you pre-order from like they've done in the past for SC2 LotV pre-order content.
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    posted a message on Pricing Information for Overwatch - PC, Xbox One, Playstation 4

    This thread serves as a collection of all the information we have on the various pricing and bundles for Overwatch.


    This is the base game. It is only available on PC. Pre-purchase for PC here.


    • $40 USD price tag.
    • All 21 Heroes are included.
    • Anyone who pre-orders the game will receive the Noire Skin for Widowmaker.



    Overwatch Origins Edition

    A step above the base game. When compared to other Blizzard games, it is essentially a Digital Collector's Edition.


    This version is available on PC, Xbox One, and Playstation 4. Pre-purchase for PC here.


    • $60 USD price tag.
    • Includes everything from the base game.
    • 5 Hero Skins!
      • Overgrown Bastion
      • Blackwatch Reyes
      • Slipstream Tracer
      • Strike-Commander Morrison
      • Security Chief Pharah
    • In-Game Cross-Promo Goodies for other Blizzard titles.
      • WoW: Baby Winston Pet
      • Hearthstone: Overwatch Card Back
      • Heroes of the Storm: Tracer Hero
      • Diablo III: Mercy's Wings
      • Starcraft II: 6 Player Portraits (Tracer, Reaper, Pharah, Winston, Bastion, Soldier: 76)






















    Overwatch Collector's Edition

    The final edition for the ultimate Overwatch fan. This is only available as a physical copy, unlike the previous two versions.


    This version is available on PC, Xbox One, and Playstation 4.


    • $130 USD price tag.
    • Everything available in the Origins and Standard Editions is present here.
    • Visual Sourcebook - Art!
    • Game Soundtrack.
    • Soldier: 76 Statue.

    No images of the contents are available at this time.

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    posted a message on Ability to change username?

    Handled it ;) Welcome Shuu

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    posted a message on Crash at game launch

    Moving this out of site feedback. Our Site Feedback and Support forum is only for OverPwn stuff. We do not run Overwatch the game. For real support, you need to go to the forums.

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    posted a message on New Heroes not added to the hero discussion



    The new hero names have been added to the forum descriptions for the relevant archetype forums. Thanks for pointing it out!

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    posted a message on Post upvoting system

    We'll get er fixed!

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    posted a message on Overwatch Beta Patch 1 - String Dump - Progression, Hero Stuff, Customization, Achievements, and Way More!
    • The Frag Launcher excels at destroying immobile targets such as Torbjörn's turret, Bastion, or enemies caught in a Steel Trap.
    • RIP
    • Nest
    • Type /accept to accept, or /decline to decline.
    • Photon Projector
    • Player Level - 30
    • Move around in all directions.
    • Map Losses
    • Travel back in time to your previous location and health.
    • Configuration: Tank
    • Damage resistant health.
    • Recall teleports Tracer to her location from three seconds ago. Try to predict where she will reappear.
    • General
    • `
    • Teleporter
    • Prepare your defenses
    • Tekhartha
    • Use sentry configuration at locations that have a view of your objective.
    • HARD
    • SPACE
    • SPECTATE 11
    • Player already in a party
    • Turrets work best when actively protected by your team.
    • Switch between weapon configurations.
    • Nivel de jugador: 40
    • When approaching an unaware enemy, don't open fire too soon.
    • Most Fire Strike Kills in a Match
    • Be careful when using Tactical Visor at low health. It won't help you if you're dead.
    • SUBMIT
    • BASE SLOT DUTS P 띋�������������" �
    • �������� ��������   `   B���kC
    • 영웅 2명 20 레벨 달성
    • TEMPLE OF ANUBIS  DEFEND  The ancient Temple of Anubis houses a secret vital to the security of the region, protected by Helix Security Systems.  The ancient Temple of Anubis houses a secret vital to the security of the region, protected by Helix Security Systems.  ATTACK DUTS � Y�/�������������[ ��������[  ��������� ��������� ��������/ ��������P @ p � ��������. �
    • ��������/ �
    • ��������2 �
    • ��������0 �
    • ��������1 �
    • ��������] �������� ��������     "-�BP Maps\Cairo\Cairo_Final  ���݀ Cairo
    • ��5h� CC Map FTW  �  Aޭ( �
    • Place an immobilizing trap.
    • Seal
    • Move to the objective
    • Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Vivamus eget imperdiet lorem, vel lacinia purus. Cras non ex nec ante aliquet maximus sit amet in nulla. Integer et est malesuada nisi porttitor consequat eu eu tortor. Ut vitae sapien eget risus blandit tincidunt. Nunc eu mauris tortor. Mauris porta risus ac magna tincidunt, et sodales diam facilisis. Aliquam hendrerit urna vel hendrerit ullamcorper. Ut malesuada varius ligula.
    • Join
    • ALL
    • Melee Kills
    • ATTACK
    • Weaving
    • Best Flight Time
    • You are already friends with that invitee.
    • If Torbjörn's turret is blocking your path to the objective, look for another route.
    • Slipstream
    • When a Reaper is on the enemy team, watch for him to attack from above and behind you.
    • list
    • Click
    • 영웅 15명 20 레벨 달성
    • 오류
    • DEFAULT DUTS ` �M�N������������+ �
    • ��������WO �������� ��������  p   !z/\��3
    • Drag a targeted enemy to you.
    • Although Zenyatta is a support hero, his Orbs of Destruction are long-range, powerful weapons.
    • Tesla Cannon
    • Protect your team from massive damage with Sound Barrier.
    • Deploy his Biotic Field to heal allies who stand within it.
    • Damage Done
    • Recon Uptime
    • Watch out for enemy snipers. They are the greatest threat to you.
    • Unable to invite player to private game. They may already be in another private game or in matchmaking.
    • Caduceus Staff
    • Tracer DUTS P q�ڌ������������� �
    • ���������Y ��������  `   ��$y�r
    • Graviton Surge Kills per Minute
    • Deploy a protective energy dome.
    • CANCEL
    • Stein
    • No Pork
    • Destroy the targets using Tactical Visor.
    • NUMPAD6
    • Having enemy heroes near you is dangerous. Use Soundwave to push them away.
    • TIP!
    • Graviton Surge
    • REPORT
    • Sound Barrier Casts
    • Sentry Turret Kills
    • Hieroglyph
    • Long fights favor Mercy and her healing ability. Be aggressive and try to finish off enemies quickly.
    • Badge
    • TRANSFORM DUTS ` �M�N������������m �
    • ��������E_ �������� �������� 7
    •  p   !z/\��3
    • Unable to ban owner of the private game.
    • Automatic
    • McCree
    • Score per Second
    • Private game server is down.
    • Select
    • Overwatch Logo
    • Not in a private game.
    • Use fast movement abilities, such as Tracer's Blink, to maneuver out of a Graviton Surge.
    • CAPTURING...
    • Turrets must rotate to face their target before firing. Try to build your turrets in the direction you expect enemies.
    • Deaths
    • w
    • Death Blossom can devastate a group of enemies, but unless you catch them unaware, they can quickly focus and kill you.
    • leavechannel
    • You are not the leader
    • Watch for enemy snipers while airborne. You have little cover and your movement can be easy to predict.
    • Invite
    • Level 20 with 15 heroes
    • Rocket Hammer
    • Charge forward and smash an enemy against a wall.
    • Private Game (DEV ONLY)
    • Hanzo's best sniping locations not only have a great view of the enemy, but good escape routes as well.
    • Most Final Blows in a match
    • 영웅 5명 20 레벨 달성
    • promote
    • The name of the invitee was not a valid RealID (e-mail).
    • 아래 화살표
    • Tumbleweed
    • Tactical Visor can allow you to quickly kill difficult to hit heroes such as Tracer, Lúcio, and Symmetra.
    • Run faster while moving forward.
    • When using Speed Boost to run back after respawning, don't forget your teammates!
    • Level 20 with 5 heroes
    • BASE SLOT DUTS P 띋�������������" �
    • �������� ��������   `   B���kC
    • Level 20 with 30 heroes
    • Om
    • The name of the invitee was not a valid full battle tag.
    • Gray
    • Unable to join practice mode
    • DANCE DUTS ` �M�N������������l �
    • ���������O �������� ��������\+
    •  p   !z/\��3
    • Player is not in your party
    • Lifetime Average Energy
    • SLOT 1 DUTS P 띋������������: �
    • �������� ��������   `   B���kC
    • BASE SLOT DUTS P 띋�������������" �
    • �������� ��������   `   B���kC
    • Sniper Mode
    • Jump Pack
    • If you see a hero approaching who can take advantage of your sentry configuration, switch before it's too late!
    • Use Shadow Step to attack the enemy from unexpected directions.
    • Custom server not loaded.
    • Pixel
    • Sonic Amplifier Kills
    • Boosted Damage
    • RIP-TIRE
    • Invitation successfully accepted!
    • In Time
    • Overwatch DUTS p �r������������� �
    • ���������' ���������' ��������c ����������� P �   ���9�+�DUTS � s߂�����0  @ ���������,'� �������� 4�P  ���������9c� ��������y�   �  �l��/^
    • SLOT 1 DUTS P 띋������������� �
    • �������� ��������   `   B���kC
    • suggest
    • Training Bot
    • The photon projector's beam remains fully empowered even if you quickly switch targets after it reaches maximum charge.
    • Deadeye Kills
    • Team Time Played
    • The barriers you create can temporarily prevent effects such as McCree's Flashbang and Zenyatta's Orb of Discord.
    • SLOT 1 DUTS P 띋������������v �
    • �������� ��������   `   B���kC
    • Photon Shield
    • RIP-Tire Deaths
    • Attack Objective A
    • Channels
    • NUMPAD5
    • Tag
    • Keep your enemies at a healthy distance. You have no easy means of escaping if they reach you.
    • Best Match
    • OFF
    • Unknown
    • Rocket Direct Hits
    • Players Knocked Back
    • END
    • Fire the Heavy Pulse Rifle in short bursts to be more accurate.
    • Use tracer's mobility to quickly reach health packs located across the map.
    • Ping - World
    • Jump Jets can quickly move Pharah out of danger from close range heroes such as Reaper or Reinhardt.
    • Defeat
    • Head for cover when McCree begins using Deadeye, especially if you don't know where he is.
    • DEBUG
    • Wraith Form removes negative status effects such as Zenyatta's Discord Orb.
    • Increase the effectiveness of your current song.
    • Rocketqueen - Level 20
    • Damage Blocked a Minute
    • Guns
    • You can use Earthshatter while in midair. The hammer swing completes when you land.
    • Lúcio needs line of sight to his teammates for his abilities to work on them, so try to separate him from his team.
    • SCROLL
    • Try to avoid damaging Zarya's barriers, but don't let them stop you from finishing off a low health target.
    • Players Knocked Back a Minute
    • While in sentry configuration, Bastion cannot turn to face directly behind himself.
    • Pharah is a flexible hero equipped with a rocket launcher.
    • INVERT
    • PUNCH DUTS ` �M�N������������h �
    • ��������aO �������� ��������_
    •  p   !z/\��3
    • Mercy is a support hero that can either heal or damage boost a teammate.
    • Enemies in tightly-enclosed rooms are particularly vulnerable to the ricochets from Scatter Arrow.
    • Invalid map for private game.
    • Private Game
    • Zenyatta has no escape or movement abilities, so heroes that can rapidly close distance cause problems for him.
    • Kill Streak
    • Shoot the target.
    • Support heroes protect and heal their teammates, while also providing useful utility capabilities.
    • 16:9
    • Wings
    • Use the knockback from your own Concussion Mine to quickly reposition yourself.
    • No Tank Hero
    • Scoped Accuracy
    • Empty
    • A fully-charged critical head shot kills nearly all non-tank heroes.
    • ABILITY 3
    • Few Offense Heroes
    • Most RIP-Tire Kills in a Match
    • Primal Rage heals Winston and transforms him into a bestial juggernaut.
    • F10
    • If Zarya's weapon becomes charged with high amounts of energy, consider disengaging for a short time to let it dissipate.
    • DEFAULT DUTS ` �M�N������������/ �
    • ��������{O �������� ��������  p   !z/\��3
    • Dragon
    • -
    • 100승 달성
    • Resurrect brings nearby dead teammates back to life.
    • SPECTATE 4
    • B
    • Sake
    • The server closed due to an unexpected error.
    • RIP-Tire
    • An easy way to build energy is to activate Particle Barrier before moving in front of an enemy turret.
    • SLOT 1 DUTS P 띋������������( �
    • �������� ��������   `   B���kC
    • Sentry Kills a Minute
    • Bouncing explosive projectile weapon.
    • Turret Rockets Hit
    • Electric frontal-cone weapon.
    • Passive
    • HELLO
    • Grey
    • Player Not Found
    • Don't forget about your Caduceus Blaster. It is accurate and useful for finishing off enemies with low health.
    • Żniwiarz
    • No Offense Heroes
    • WATCHPOINT: GIBRALTAR  DEFEND  ATTACK DUTS � Y�/�������������u ��������u  ���������) ���������) ��������P ��������Q @ ��������� �
    • ��������� �
    • ��������� �
    • �������� �������� �������� �������� ��������   ���� & ��PP Maps\LoginScenes\Gibraltar_Login_Scene  �  Aޭ( �
    • D
    • PAUSE
    • Rocket Blast Kills a Minute
    • McCree is a flexible hero with a highly accurate and powerful revolver.
    • Charge
    • Balle
    • An error occurred loading the config file.
    • Themes
    • Most Dragonstrike Kills in a Match
    • The first step to defeating Bastion is figuring out where he is deployed.
    • BASE SLOT DUTS P 띋�������������" �
    • �������� ��������   `   B���kC
    • Resurrect is best used on teammates who were contesting a map objective.
    • Scoped Shots
    • Barrage Kills a Minute
    • SOUND BARRIER DUTS ` �M�N������������z �
    • ��������G_ �������� ���������6
    •  p   !z/\��3
    • error.
    • Flashbang
    • Heroes Never Die
    • Private game match ended by moderator.
    • Concentrated fire will quickly eliminate Winston's Barrier Projector.
    • Orange
    • New players
    • Frag Launcher Direct Hits
    • Leave your party
    • Always keep moving around the battlefield to make it harder for enemies to locate and aim at you.
    • Pulse Bombs Attached
    • Collect Soul Globes to restore health.
    • Solo Kills
    • The projectile from the photon projector's alternate fire pierces through enemies and barriers to hit multiple targets.
    • 10
    • Portrait 1 DUTS P ]��>������������ �
    • �������� ��������   `   �e���F
    • BLOCK
    • If you Recall immediately after taking damage, you will regain your lost health. (If you're not dead.)
    • F8
    • With its restaurants, shops, and prime cherry blossom viewing, Hanamura is a popular tourist destination, but the sleepy town hides a dark secret known only to a select few.
    • Time Alive
    • Deadeye targets all the enemies in his view for one shot kills.
    • Science!
    • Baby
    • Heal Boost Time a Minute
    • Spray
    • Stunning an enemy with Flashbang makes it easy to aim for a critical shot to the head.
    • Team composition matters! A well rounded team increases your chance of winning.
    • Performing a Combat Roll also reloads the Peacekeeper.
    • Stay away from a dying Junkrat to avoid Total Mayhem's grenades.
    • Move the mouse to look around you.
    • Lúcio
    • STUCK
    • Most Rocket Direct Hits in a Match
    • Visor
    • TUTORIAL  SELECT A HERO  SELECT A HERO DUTS p Y�/�������������a ��������a  ���������) �������� ��������� �������� @ ��������� �
    • ���������" �
    • ���������" �
    • �������� �������� ��������] �������� ��������   ����  �eߴP Maps\Tutorial\Tutorial_Final  �  Aޭ( �
    • Don't pass up good opportunities to use Barrage while waiting for the "perfect" one.
    • SLOT 1 DUTS P 띋������������7 �
    • �������� ��������   `   B���kC
    • Whisper
    • Overwatch DUTS p �r������������s �
    • ���������' ���������' ��������c ��������~F� P �   ���9�+�DUTS � s߂�����0  @ ���������,'� �������� 4�P  ���������9c� ��������y�   �  �l��/^
    • Overwatch
    • Forward Barrier
    • MUTE
    • Stop The Payload
    • Hero Stats
    • Melee the target.
    • Frog
    • NUMPAD7
    • If you or a nearby teammate take a lot of damage, use Healing Boost with Amp it Up to quickly restore their health.
    • F3
    • 1ST
    • Too Many Snipers
    • Least Deaths in a match
    • Wraith Form
    • Pharah DUTS P q�ڌ������������� �
    • ���������Y ��������  `   ��$y�r
    • Keep moving while McCree's around, or you'll be an easy target for his Peacekeeper.
    • Players Resurrected
    • Player already invited to a party
    • TANK
    • Combat Roll
    • BASE SLOT DUTS P 띋�������������" �
    • �������� ��������   `   B���kC
    • Manage My Servers
    • CAIS Healthy Gaming Warning message goes here. It has lots of text so text text testxttxtxttttttt. abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz. One of my friends cna type the alphabat in under 2.5 seconds. I cannot. Okay that is probably enough text.
    • Too Many Builders
    • The Graviton Surge pulls enemies into it and damages them.
    • of Team's Damage
    • DANCE
    • Cannon
    • Damage a Steel Trap on the ground to safely destroy it.
    • Most Sound Barriers Provided in a Match
    • Energy projectile weapon.
    • TIP:
    • A single Sentry Turret is not much of a threat, but several of them together creates a deadly trap.
    • Deadeye
    • Death Blossom
    • Hold for long ranged sniper weapon.
    • Insert
    • 플레이어 레벨 - 75
    • McCree's Peacekeeper is extremely accurate and has a very long range. If you can see it, you can shoot it.
    • Hover
    • F9
    • Shields Provided a Minute
    • [
    • It is often better to aim at the ground under your target with Helix Rockets than to attempt a direct hit.
    • 2.8
    • Listen for a RIP-Tire and try to shoot it before it gets too close.
    • MOUSE
    • Invitation successfully revoked.
    • Venom Mine Kills per Minute
    • Accept the current party invite
    • Unable to invite player to private game, they are already in a private game.
    • Particle Barrier
    • You have left the party.
    • DEFAULT DUTS ` �M�N������������: �
    • ��������eO �������� ��������  p   !z/\��3
    • Use Jump Jets and Hover to avoid static enemy defenses and set up ambushes.
    • Primal Rage
    • Final Blows
    • 5
    • Orb of Discord cannot be placed on heroes located behind barriers.
    • Barrage can quickly destroy enemies who are close together, but it leaves you vulnerable to their return fire.
    • System
    • Yellow
    • 250
    • 5 Hour CAIS warning goes here.
    • NUMBANI  DEFEND  ATTACK DUTS � Y�/�������������z ��������z  ��������fG ��������PG ��������� ��������y @ �������� �
    • �������� �
    • �������� �
    • �������� �������� �������� �������� �������� �������� ���� $ K��P Maps\LoginScenes\Numbani_Login_Scene  �  Aޭ( �
    • Cannot invite player to your party
    • N
    • No Support Heroes
    • caidos durante
    • Black
    • Sprays
    • High Energy Kills per Minute
    • Be wary of moving close to McCree while his Flashbang is available.
    • Reinstancing
    • Reapers can still pick up health packs while in Wraith Form.
    • Invitation successfully declined!
    • Most Blaster Kills in a Match
    • 9
    • Molten Core
    • Your vision is highly restricted while sniping. Listen for incoming threats.
    • general
    • Gain immense health, but you can only leap and punch enemies.
    • 공격
    • Widowmaker
    • Logo 2
    • Escort the Payload
    • BASE SLOT DUTS P 띋�������������" �
    • �������� ��������   `   B���kC
    • SLOT 1 DUTS P 띋������������@ �
    • �������� ��������   `   B���kC
    • Play aggressively to build power faster to place your Teleporter.
    • RIP-Tire Kills a Minute
    • PREV
    • Launch a continuous volley of mini-rockets.
    • Jump Pack allows you to quickly move to the objective while avoiding enemy defenses below.
    • Armor Pack
    • Boosted Damage a Minute
    • Team Deaths
    • Nivel de jugador: 50
    • Try to keep track of Tracer's location at all times.
    • Graviton Surge can pull enemies away from a map objective, giving your team a chance to take the objective uncontested.
    • Configuration: Sentry
    • of Enemy Damage
    • Try to die next to an enemy so that they'll be damage by Total Mayhem.
    • Most Eliminations in a Match
    • Profanity Filter Enabled
    • Soldiers
    • Hero - Dyingbreed
    • Select Tracer
    • Map Disconnects
    • Unable to join private game.
    • When placing your Teleporter exit, look for locations close to your current objective but out of view of the enemy.
    • Fire her weapon’s primary beam at nearby enemies, and its secondary fire at long range.
    • Name cannot contain profanity
    • To
    • Your Barrier Field's health begins to regenerate a few seconds after deactivating it.
    • Launch this orb at an ally to heal them.
    • I
    • Unable to mute player.
    • F5
    • Back
    • Most Enemies Hooked in a Match
    • Kill Participation
    • 00
    • BASE SLOT DUTS P 띋�������������" �
    • �������� ��������   `   B���kC
    • Scatter Arrow can be devastating when aimed at the ground in front of your target.
    • DELETE
    • Protector de Mexico
    • HEALTH
    • !
    • Unable to leave private game.
    • Most Earthshatter Kills in a Match
    • Look up at Tracer at the target range.
    • Use Transcendence to counter area of effect abilities, such as Zarya's Graviton Surge.
    • Connecting...
    • Most Whole Hog Kills in a Match
    • Build Turret
    • SLOT 1 DUTS P 띋������������1 �
    • �������� ��������   `   B���kC
    • Barrier Field
    • Jump Pack Kills
    • Please enter a valid name
    • 영웅 10명 10 레벨 달성
    • Widowmaker - Level 20
    • Lifetime Shots Fired
    • Deploy a teleporter that connects to the spawn room.
    • Switches between two songs. Healing Boost heals nearby allies. Speed Boost makes nearby allies move faster.
    • Take advantage of your rocket launcher's long range and explosive damage to destroy static defenses from relative safety.
    • NUMPAD3
    • Baiser
    • Return to the capture area
    • 죽기 전까지 헤드샷 4회
    • VOLSKAYA INDUSTRIES  DEFEND  ATTACK DUTS � Y�/�������������w ��������w  ��������4G ��������)G ��������r
    • ��������z @ ��������� �
    • ��������� �
    • ��������� �
    • �������� �������� �������� �������� �������� �������� ���� # �,��P Maps\LoginScenes\Russia_Login_Scene  �  Aޭ( �
    • Barriers can protect teammates from a turret's damage for a short time.
    • F2
    • Use the side passages and objects in the map to conceal your location and movement from the enemy.
    • Player Level - 50
    • You hear sounds from your enemies more prominently than those of your allies.
    • Friend successfully removed.
    • Most Eliminations in a match
    • Stay unpredictable and never stay in one sniping position for too long.
    • started playing Overwatch.
    • BASE SLOT DUTS P 띋�������������" �
    • �������� ��������   `   B���kC
    • Hold to fall very slowly.
    • The name of the invitee was not valid. Use either a realID (e-mail) or a full battle-tag.
    • After pulling multiple enemies together with Graviton Surge, use the particle cannon's alternate fire to damage all of them at once.
    • Fire Strike
    • Damage Done per Minute
    • Self Healing
    • KING'S ROW  DEFEND  Beneath the glamour of the ritzy King's Row neighborhood, omnics dream of a day they will have the same rights as humans.  ATTACK  Beneath the glamour of the ritzy King's Row neighborhood, omnics dream of a day they will have the same rights as humans. DUTS p Y�/�������������� ���������  ��������� ��������� ��������7 ��������Q @ ��������3 �
    • ��������4 �
    • ��������6 �
    • ��������5 �
    • ��������7 �
    • ��������!] �������� ��������     ����P Maps\London\London_Final  �  Aޭ( �
    • Leap forward into the air. Landing on an enemy damages them.
    • Copper
    • AHHHH!
    • Charge stuns Torbjörn's turret for a short time. Follow up with your rocket hammer.
    • SPECTATE 3
    • Apply
    • Whenever your shields are depleted, consider retreating momentarily from combat to let them fully regenerate.
    • 2
    • The rivet gun's primary fire is best used from medium to long range, while the secondary fire is more effective at close range.
    • L
    • Longest Headshot Distance
    • Be careful when firing a rocket at point blank range as it will damage you as well.
    • Level 10 with 20 heroes
    • Unlocks
    • Example String
    • RIGHT
    • Improve his songs at crucial moments with Amp It Up.
    • Reaper - Level 20
    • Eliminations per Life
    • Most Critical Hits in a Match
    • Jacket
    • The number of messages that can be sent to this channel is limited, please wait to send another message.
    • Justice
    • PLAY
    • RMENU
    • The best locations for sentry configuration have walls or terrain that protect your flanks but still provide a good view.
    • Placing a Sonic Arrow on a side route helps prevent your team from being ambushed.
    • FLEX DUTS ` �M�N������������t �
    • ��������oO �������� ��������.
    •  p   !z/\��3
    • Pharah can't stay airborne forever, so if you have a close range attack be ready for when she lands.
    • Heal yourself over a short time.
    • Death Blossom Kills
    • Unless you're actively upgrading or repairing your turret, stand away from it so enemy attacks don't damage it as well.
    • A Venom Mine placed along an attacker's path can warn you of an approaching threat.
    • Portrait 2
    • Speed Boost Time a Minute
    • Time Remaining:
    • Objective Lost
    • Use Fire Strike against immobile targets such as Bastion in sentry configuration or Torbjörn's turret, since they can't dodge.
    • RIP-TIRE DUTS ` �M�N������������� �
    • ��������H_ �������� ��������>7
    •  p   !z/\��3
    • You can detonate a Concussion Mine in midair to damage airborne heroes.
    • LOGIN
    • POWER
    • Drive and detonate an exploding tire.
    • Most Souls Consumed in a Match
    • The Caduceus Staff restores health and armor, but not shields.
    • Name must be between 3 and 12 characters
    • Knock down all enemies in front of you.
    • Most Speed Boost Time in a Match
    • Most Pulse Bomb Kills in a Match
    • BLINK
    • Most Venom Mine Kills in a Match
    • Roadhog
    • Refresh
    • Be unpredictable, and never stay in one sniping position for too long.
    • You are prohibited from sending invitations at this time.
    • Party
    • Play of the Game
    • Come Here
    • LEFT
    • Winston is a highly mobile tank that leaps around, creating chaos.
    • Soldier: 76 is a flexible offensive hero able to sprint across the battlefield.
    • Attacking Bastion simultaneously from different angles can force him to turn his Forward Barrier away and expose himself to attacks.
    • Too Many Defense Heroes
    • Objective Score per Minute
    • Mercy's health begins to regenerate a few seconds after taking damage.
    • Launch an explosive blast to knock back enemies.
    • Create a damage barrier around you.
    • Baixo
    • Stop the Payload
    • Most Damage Dealt in a Match
    • Place a Steel Trap around corners or in other locations where the enemy can't see it until it's too late.
    • Player Level - 20
    • Your rendering device has been lost! Application closing!
    • Blink behind enemies to confuse them.
    • RIP-Tire Kills
    • Enemies Hooked per Minute
    • Since Lúcio can heal himself over time, try to finish him off with a short and powerful burst of damage.
    • Most Barrage Kills in a Match
    • You are completely vulnerable while using RIP-Tire. Stay out of sight of the enemy!
    • Voice Chat - Push to Talk
    • Damage Dealt
    • Tea
    • Drop bombs on death.
    • Time to Kill
    • Launch a volley of explosive rockets.
    • Placing turrets next to walls and around corners gives them cover from enemy attacks.
    • Purple
    • Invalid game name for private game.
    • SLOT 1 DUTS P 띋������������M �
    • �������� ��������   `   B���kC
    • Move unpredictably to make it more difficult for enemies to hit you.
    • Regenerating Health.
    • reply
    • Devastating melee weapon.
    • HOME
    • Hold to deploy a frontal energy barrier.
    • 8
    • Level 1 turrets are not a major threat to your enemies, but they cost no scrap and can serve as a distraction.
    • Damage Taken
    • Earthshatter Kills
    • SHIELD
    • SKIP
    • High Noon
    • Time Out
    • Most Graviton Surge Kills in a Match
    • 16:10
    • RELOAD
    • Chain Hook
    • Don't Invite
    • McCree DUTS P q�ڌ������������� �
    • ���������Y ��������  `   ��$y�r
    • Falcon Rocket Launcher
    • SLOT 1 DUTS P 띋������������% �
    • �������� ��������   `   B���kC
    • Party ID must be either 1 or 2
    • VICTORY!
    • Best Transcendence Heal
    • Defense heroes excel at neutralizing enemies at within an area or objective.
    • Enemies Trapped a Minute
    • When you are charged with high energy, play aggressively with your now highly damaging particle cannon.
    • Cannot promote party member to leader
    • 溫斯頓
    • Lúcio DUTS P q�ڌ������������� �
    • ���������Y ��������  `   ��$y�r
    • Press any key now or ESC to cancel
    • Death Blossom Kills a Minute
    • Symmetra's shields and Torbjörn's armor packs can help mitigate Zenyatta's biggest weakness: his lack of health.
    • Player Level - 100
    • less than a minute
    • The tank configuration gives Bastion armor, mobility, and a huge cannon.
    • SLOT 1 DUTS P 띋������������ �
    • �������� ��������   `   B���kC
    • NUMPAD1
    • AUTOMATION ARENA  DEFEND  ATTACK   DUTS � Y�/�������������� ���������  �������� �������� �������� �������� @ ��������� �
    • ��������� �
    • ��������� �
    • ��������� �
    • ��������� �
    • �������� �������� �������� ����  % ]���P Maps\Automation\AutomationStressArena  �  Aޭ( �
    • NUMPAD0
    • X
    • Rocket Direct Hits a Minute
    • Die
    • Use Frag Launcher's high arc and bouncy grenades to attack enemies from behind cover.
    • Most Death Blossom Kills in a Match
    • Unable to join queue at this time
    • Invalid chat channel
    • Sonic Arrow
    • P
    • Symmetra provides shields and other unique capabilities to support her team.
    • Smält
    • Torbjörn can build a deadly turret to help him dominate an area.
    • Partially charged shots can finish off low health targets.
    • Don't try to fight the enemy team alone. Stay with your team and move as a unit.
    • Brown
    • Use a Flashbang to stun enemies in front of him.
    • Helix
    • Infra-Sight
    • Leave the current channel
    • Blueprint
    • Zarya DUTS P q�ڌ������������� �
    • ���������Y ��������  `   ��$y�r
    • Create a short range blast wave to knock enemies away from you.
    • Zarya
    • Healing Done per Minute
    • Move your mouse forwards to look up.
    • Most Scoped Critical Hits in a Match
    • CROUCH
    • Helm
    • ABILITY 2
    • Waiting For Players
    • Turrets can be stunned by abilities such as Reinhardt's Charge or McCree's Flashbang.
    • DORADO  DEFEND  ATTACK DUTS p Y�/�������������� ���������  ���������V ��������uG ��������� ��������� @ ��������� �
    • ��������� �
    • ��������� �
    • �������� �������� ��������"] �������� �������� �������� ����  �A7P Maps\Mexico\Mexico_Final  �  Aޭ( �
    • Warning!
    • Home
    • SLOT 1 DUTS P 띋������������= �
    • �������� ��������   `   B���kC
    • (c) 2015 Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. All rights reserved.
    • Look at Tracer in the weapons bay.
    • Throw out a powerful sticky explosive.
    • Armor Packs Created a Minute
    • Sonic Amplifier
    • Winston DUTS P q�ڌ������������� �
    • ���������Y ��������  `   ��$y�r
    • Be careful when taking on Mercy while you have low health. Her Caduceus Blaster can do a surprising amount of damage.
    • White
    • Hold to heal yourself.
    • Launch a fiery projectile.
    • Swing to improve your turret or damage an enemy.
    • Recall
    • Charge Kills a Minute
    • ENTER
    • Avoid open spaces and areas with long sight lines as you approach your objective.
    • Friends
    • Biotic Field
    • logout
    • Short range beam weapon with increasing damage.
    • Most Objective Score in a match
    • SAVE  RESTORE DEFAULTS  BACK  KEY BINDINGS  Right-click to unbind individual keys.  MOVEMENT  FORWARD  BACK  WEAPONS & ABILITIES  COMMUNICATION  DEBUG  Press any key now or ESC to cancel   <tx%1$s> Apply   <tx%1$s> Restore Defaults   <tx%1$s> Back  Apply  Restore Defaults  Back   <tx%1$s> Select  Select  SPECTATE  MISCELLANEOUS
    • Use Tactical Visor your enemies are unaware of your location. They'll have less time to seek cover or use defensive abilities.
    • Sound Barriers Provided
    • 8 Kills within one Life
    • OK
    • INVITE
    • .
    • Finding a good match
    • Amp It Up
    • Shields Provided
    • Shields from Symmetra or armor from Torbjörn can help prevent you from being killed in one shot.
    • SLOT 1 DUTS P 띋������������+ �
    • �������� ��������   `   B���kC
    • Invitations can not be sent currently, please try again later.
    • Hook Accuracy
    • Armor
    • FIRE
    • Winston
    • Recon Kills a Minute
    • SENTRY
    • Torbjörn
    • You can see the location and current health status of your teammates at all times, even through walls and terrain.
    • DEFAULT DUTS ` �M�N������������. �
    • ��������VO �������� ��������  p   !z/\��3
    • 2ND
    • SHOP
    • Lexigram
    • Since the photon projector's beam does not require precise aiming, make yourself hard to hit by moving erratically while firing it.
    • leader
    • Too Many of One Hero
    • Kaboom
    • decline
    • Althought Zenyatta is invulnerable and cannot be stunned while using Transcendence, he can still be knocked away from his team.
    • HELP
    • STATS
    • Waiting...
    • SPECTATE 7
    • START
    • DORADO
    • Your Barrier Field can provide cover for your teammates, as well as yourself.
    • Symmetra
    • Crossfade
    • ,
    • Fire
    • You can use the directional movement keys for limited air control while using Jump Pack.
    • NEXT
    • party
    • Her short range pistols and low health encourage a hit-and-run play style.
    • Spider
    • Vigilante
    • BLINK DUTS ` �M�N������������i �
    • ���������O �������� ���������$
    •  p   !z/\��3
    • Shoot all the targets.
    • Immobile with a frontal barrier and a powerful rotary cannon.
    • Use tank configuration when you need to take the fight to the enemy. Don't just wait for them to come to you.
    • SPECTATE 1
    • Running
    • Place Sentry Turrets to protect an area, or a Teleporter to quickly move your team.
    • Guardian Angel
    • Balance
    • Portrait 2 DUTS P ]��>������������ �
    • �������� ��������   `   �e���F
    • of Team Deaths
    • Deaths per Minute
    • Move erratically to make it more difficult for Pharah to hit you with her rocket launcher.
    • Can't join matchmaking while in matchmaking.
    • Recon Assists
    • Best Destruction Burst
    • Tactical Visor
    • Reconfigure
    • Launch this orb at an enemy to increase the damage they take.
    • The grappling hook isn't just for reaching high locations, you can use it on a wall or the floor to quickly move short distances.
    • Attack Objective B
    • LWIN
    • EMPTY
    • Venom
    • Haori
    • INSERT
    • Energy grenade launcher.
    • Launch a poison trap.
    • about a minute
    • Hold to heal an ally.
    • Tracer
    • Scrap Collector
    • Level 5 with 10 heroes
    • Barrage
    • Finding any match
    • LSHIFT
    • Unable to join chat channel
    • Red
    • Brass
    • Tracer's low health makes her vulnerable to snipers such as Widowmaker.
    • NUMPAD8
    • Cannot suggest player to the party
    • R
    • Reply to last player
    • Switch to party chat
    • PUNCH
    • Stay behind cover while attached to a teammate who is in combat.
    • DEFAULT DUTS ` �M�N������������5 �
    • ���������O �������� ��������  p   !z/\��3
    • Winston can move in and out of his Barrier Projector's sphere to keep it between himself and an enemy hero with short range attacks.
    • 플레이어 레벨 - 100
    • Turret Kills
    • Protect your Teleporter with Sentry Turrets.
    • Charge to release more projectiles.
    • Moon
    • The Rocket Hammer swings through all enemies in front of Reinhardt.
    • GAME MAP
    • Move forwards.
    • Smile
    • DEFAULT DUTS ` �M�N������������7 �
    • ��������_O �������� ��������  p   !z/\��3
    • Your Biotic Field also heals your allies.
    • Increase your weapon attack speed and gives you additional armor.
    • Wedjat
    • Turrets have a range of 40 meters, so long range attacks (like Pharah's rocket launcher) can destroy them from safety.
    • Desert
    • tell
    • Your current objective is always marked with a waypoint viewable in the world.
    • Private Games
    • You are already in matchmaking.
    • Can't join matchmaking, both show rounds are over.
    • Reaper is a powerful, short range ambusher with a pair of shotguns.
    • You are not invited to a private game.
    • VOLSKAYA INDUSTRIES  DEFEND  ATTACK DUTS p Y�/�������������� ���������  ��������4G ��������)G ��������r
    • ��������z @ ��������� �
    • �������� �
    • �������� �
    • �������� �������� ��������$] �������� �������� �������� ����  8 >�P Maps\Russia\Russia_Final  �  Aޭ( �
    • Build an armor powerup.
    • Self Healing per Minute
    • You are the new party leader.
    • MAX LEVEL!
    • HANAMURA  DEFEND  Since its founding generations ago, the Shimada ninja clan has made their home in the quiet village of Hanamura. From behind its ancient walls, the family's power grows through weapons trading, smuggling, and assassination.  ATTACK  With its restaurants, shops, and prime cherry blossom viewing, Hanamura is a popular tourist destination, but the sleepy town hides a dark secret known only to a select few. DUTS � Y�/�������������d ��������d  ��������" ��������� ��������6 ��������R @ ��������% �
    • ��������& �
    • ��������( �
    • ��������' �
    • ��������) �
    • �������� �������� ��������   ���� " ���P Maps\LoginScenes\Kyoto_Login_Scene  �  Aޭ( �
    • Kitten
    • Configuration: Recon
    • A frontal barrier protects Bastion from enemy fire while in sentry configuration.
    • Earthshatter Stuns
    • The Rocket Hammer goes through enemy barriers.
    • Most High Energy Kills in a Match
    • Let your teammates create a distraction before you enter combat.
    • Unable to unmute player.
    • Turret
    • Forge Hammer
    • 2000
    • Listen for the unique sound of Reaper's Shadow Step. He's vulnerable as he fades away and reappears.
    • Y que jamas
    • Orb of Harmony
    • Slow firing and long ranged weapon.
    • Sentry Turret Kills in a Match
    • Most Objective Score in a Match
    • Map Leaves
    • Level 10 with 10 heroes
    • FUEL
    • Most Charge Kills in a Match
    • Presidente
    • 플레이어 레벨 - 10
    • The best sniping positions have multiple escape routes. (And don't forget your grappling hook!)
    • t
    • Most Eliminations within one Life
    • Launch a deadly Dragon Spirit that devastates enemies it passes through.
    • Lúcio is a highly mobile support hero that speeds up and heals his team.
    • SCRAP
    • Barrier Projector
    • Roadhog is a very sturdy tank that can take heavy damage and heal himself.
    • '
    • kick
    • Zenyatta DUTS P q�ڌ������������� �
    • ���������Y ��������  `   ��$y�r
    • View
    • Eliminations per Minute
    • Sonic Amplifier Kills a Minute
    • Cannot kick member from your party
    • Most Boosted Damage in a Match
    • Calculating Totals
    • Winston's Tesla cannon can quickly decimate a closely-placed group of Symmetra's turrets.
    • Team
    • Enemies have a red outline around their character and a red nameplate above their head.
    • Look out for enemies trying to flank you from behind or above.
    • A fully-charged non-critical shot can kill characters with low maximum health, such as Tracer and Zenyatta.
    • Huge Rez
    • WATCHPOINT: GIBRALTAR  DEFEND  ATTACK DUTS p Y�/�������������� ���������  ���������) ���������) ��������P ��������Q @ ��������� �
    • �������� �
    • �������� �
    • �������� �������� ��������] �������� ��������   ����  ��HP Maps\Gibraltar\Gibraltar_Final  �  Aޭ( �
    • Medium range spread weapon.
    • DEFAULT DUTS ` �M�N������������- �
    • ��������sO �������� ��������  p   !z/\��3
    • Orb
    • Private game will shutdown after the current match because the owner has left.
    • You will be removed from the match if you remain inactive.
    • The whisper could not be delivered.
    • En honor a los
    • Lúcio should keep his teammates in view so they are boosted by his songs.
    • If you must enter an area covered by Widowmaker, try to move unpredictably.
    • Short range spread weapon.
    • Don't aim your rockets at your target's current location, aim where you think they will be when your rocket reaches them.
    • Use scrap to upgrade your turret or create armor packs for allies.
    • Orb of Discord Assists per Minute
    • Matchmaking server is down
    • whisper
    • Defense Wins
    • Rose
    • Healing Boost Time
    • BASE SLOT DUTS P 띋�������������" �
    • �������� ��������   `   B���kC
    • UP
    • Kambô
    • Sonic Arrow reveals the location of nearby enemies.
    • J
    • Grizzled
    • SPECTATE 12
    • Hellfire Shotguns
    • Save your last Blink to escape your enemy.
    • Reaper's Hellfire shotguns are most effective at extremely close range.
    • Hogpower
    • Offense heroes are flexible and mobile threats, capable of engaging enemies in any situation.
    • SPECTATE 10
    • Graviton Surge Kills
    • Venom Mine
    • Opens chat with slash
    • Leave
    • APPLY
    • E
    • Expanding Search
    • No Overwatch account.
    • Hold to increase an ally's damage inflicted.
    • NEW
    • Best Kill Streak
    • Critical Hits per Minute
    • Blaster Kills a Minute
    • Guild Officer
    • leave
    • Matches Played
    • 숫자패드 1
    • If your team attacks Reinhardt from two directions, he can only partially defend himself with his Barrier Shield.
    • Watch out for enemy snipers. Your low health and shields make you a target.
    • Long range explosive projectile weapon.
    • Can't join friend's game, friend's match is full
    • Damage and knockback enemies in front of you.
    • NONE
    • Winston can take a lot of damage, but his size makes him easy to hit. Heroes that wield shotgun-style weapons are particularly dangerous.
    • Mercy
    • You must be online to send an invite.
    • Construct
    • This Tutorial is an unfinished and unpolished work in progress. Feedback is appreciated.
    • Spin
    • Short range spread weapons.
    • Scatter Arrow
    • Sound Barrier
    • The Sonic Amplifier is accurate, but its damage is low and its projectiles can be dodged.
    • Nivel de jugador: 30
    • Sniper
    • 8
    • Create
    • Most Score within one Life
    • 숫자패드 5
    • BASE SLOT DUTS P 띋�������������" �
    • �������� ��������   `   B���kC
    • MEDIUM
    • Switch to private game chat
    • Scoped Hits
    • Team Damage Taken
    • Become invulnerable and heal nearby allies.
    • Concussion Mine
    • Deck
    • Don't forget to move as you aim. It makes you harder to hit.
    • DEFEAT
    • Rivet Gun
    • Use the particle cannon's secondary fire to engage enemies at longer distances, or at enemies standing close to each other.
    • You must set a BattleTag on your account before sending invitations.
    • Jump up onto the ledge.
    • M
    • If you already have a level 3 turret and your scrap capacity is full, don't forget to deploy armor packs for your team.
    • Most Sonic Amplifier Kills in a Match
    • Weapon Accuracy
    • STARE DOWN DUTS ` �M�N������������w �
    • ���������O �������� ��������,
    •  p   !z/\��3
    • Mayhem
    • Primal Rage Uptime
    • Current
    • Try to avoid having to reload during combat while in sentry configuration.
    • Enter a BattleTag#0000 or email address
    • Tobelstein
    • Aerial Superiority
    • Nin
    • Reap On
    • The slow projectile of the photon projector's alternate fire is easy to dodge, so prioritize immobile enemy targets such as Turrets.
    • Most Pulse Bombs Attached a Match
    • You die when it reaches zero.
    • Heroes with weapons that do not rely on accuracy, such as Winston or Symmetra, can be problematic for Tracer.
    • Take advantage of enclosed spaces to avoid Pharah's long range aerial attacks.
    • LEGAL
    • You are not invited to a party
    • Custom Servers
    • Use Healing Boost to return your teammates to full health after a fight.
    • Can't join a private game while in matchmaking.
    • Her Pulse Bomb devastates static defenses and tightly grouped enemies.
    • HEAVY DROP DUTS ` �M�N������������� �
    • ��������zO �������� ��������w
    •  p   !z/\��3
    • VIDEO
    • Use Speed Boost with Amp It Up to quickly move your entire team through dangerous choke points.
    • Wanted
    • Use Fire Strike to damage enemies at range.
    • Strength
    • Venom Mine Kills
    • PARTY:
    • Matches Won
    • Whole Hog can push the entire enemy team away from a map objective in addition to dealing damage.
    • LEAP DUTS ` �M�N������������d �
    • ��������R_ �������� �������� 7
    •  p   !z/\��3
    • Overgrown
    • Tank heroes excel at taking and holding map objectives, as well as disrupting the enemy team.
    • F4
    • When low on health, disengage and use the health packs located around the map.
    • Tank Kills
    • ESCAPE
    • Meditation
    • Infra-Sight allows her entire team to see enemies through walls.
    • Short range automatic weapons.
    • Be aware of your surroundings when fighting Winston while his Primal Rage is active to avoid being punched off of the map to your death.
    • The Reaping
    • You can change your current hero in your spawn room at any time.
    • SOUND
    • Death Blossoms
    • Frag
    • Don't let her disengage from combat when she's low health, or you will give her time to recover her shields.
    • NUMPAD9
    • Chef
    • Watch out for projectiles from Symmetra's photon projector. They're slow and can be dodged.
    • Sometimes it is better to aim at the ground under your target than to attempt a direct hit.
    • 플레이 시간
    • Short range linear beam weapon.
    • Projected Barrier
    • Skirmish
    • Revenge
    • Pod ID must by a number between 1 and 100
    • Most Orb of Discord Assists in a Match
    • Look for alternate paths to your objective that avoid Bastion's devastating line of fire.
    • Too Many Support Heroes
    • RIP-Tire can devastate a group of enemies if they don’t destroy it first.
    • Emblem
    • Icon
    • Use Primal Rage to disrupt the enemy team by leaping onto enemies and punching them away.
    • Sound Barrier can counter enemy ultimates such as Reaper's Death Blossom that could otherwise kill your entire team.
    • ]
    • You can pull the trigger on Deadeye before its targeting reticles completely lock on, but the shots will not deal killing blows.
    • Most Damage Blocked in a Match
    • Que renazcan
    • SPRAY
    • Giant
    • Most Jump Pack Kills in a Match
    • IN GAMES
    • The whisper recipient is not on your B.Net friends list.
    • SWING
    • DEFEND
    • Shield
    • Launch a hook that pulls you towards a ledge.
    • Remote Mine Kills
    • Use her grappling hook to reach vantage points or to escape from danger.
    • Teleporter Uptime
    • Least Deaths in a Match
    • Scatter Arrow Kills
    • 4 Headshot kills within one Life
    • If you must enter an area covered by Hanzo, try to move unpredictably.
    • Pulse Bomb Kills
    • He has low health and mobility, but Transcendence makes him briefly invulnerable.
    • LIMIT FPS TO 30
    • ROLES
    • Light
    • The Heavy Pulse Rifle can hit enemies at nearly any distance, but excels at medium range.
    • The particle cannon's primary fire is Zarya's highest damage attack, but its range is short and requires direct aim.
    • Silver
    • If you're in an unfavorable situation, Sprint behind cover then use Biotic Field to heal yourself.
    • Jump onto a wall to ride along it.
    • Smoke
    • Turret Uptime
    • SWING DUTS ` �M�N������������[ �
    • ��������S_ �������� ��������7
    •  p   !z/\��3
    • Pulse Bomb
    • The Tactical Visor automatically aims his heavy pulse rifle.
    • That player is not currently banned.
    • Charge Kills
    • Victory
    • While Molten Core is active, you do not spend scrap to upgrade Turrets or deploy armor packs.
    • Most Scatter Arrow Kills in a Match
    • Souls Consumed a Minute
    • T
    • Build an upgradable turret.
    • Zenyatta
    • Player names can only contain the characters A-Z
    • RESURRECT DUTS ` �M�N������������T �
    • ��������O_ �������� ��������
    • 7
    •  p   !z/\��3
    • Although the Peacekeeper's alternate fire shoots wildly, it can still be effective at close range or against large targets, such as Reinhardt.
    • Push to Talk Enabled
    • Use Projected Barrier on a teammate whenever you spot them actively engaged in combat.
    • 512
    • Beneath the glamour of the ritzy King's Row neighborhood, omnics dream of a day they will have the same rights as humans.
    • Most Sentry Kills in a Match
    • Most Healing Boost Time in a Match
    • An enemy with an Orb of Discord takes increased damage.
    • 4 disparos a la cabeza en una vida
    • Biotic Stream
    • Eliminations
    • Kick
    • Most Damage Dealt within one Life
    • Black Widow
    • You must be in a spawn room to change heroes
    • ?
    • Try to Dragonstrike from unpredictable angles, so your enemies have less time to get away.
    • BASE SLOT DUTS P 띋�������������" �
    • �������� ��������   `   B���kC
    • Automatic assault weapon.
    • As a support hero, Lúcio is always a high priority target.
    • Tracer - Level 20
    • Average Players per Teleporter
    • Please enter a valid battletag
    • HIGH
    • Commander
    • Popper
    • Fighting around one of your Steel Traps can give you an advantage fighting at close range.
    • all
    • Torbjörn DUTS P q�ڌ������������� �
    • ���������Y ��������  `   ��$y�r
    • A quick melee attack with the V key can finish off very low health enemies.
    • Pulse Pistols
    • List all players in your channel
    • KING'S ROW
    • Recon Kills
    • Charge your ultimate to 100%%.
    • Most Damage Done in a match
    • Look up at the dropship.
    • p
    • EASY
    • ARMOR
    • Pistol
    • F7
    • 7
    • m
    • Score
    • TURRET RIDE DUTS ` �M�N������������a �
    • ��������P_ �������� ��������7
    •  p   !z/\��3
    • Most Healing Dealt in a Match
    • Fire Strike Kills a Minute
    • Can't join friend's game, friend not in match
    • Tracer is highly mobile using Blink and Recall.
    • Caution
    • Not Enough Players
    • Try to initate Deadeye from behind cover, then move into line of sight afterwards to target your enemies.
    • accept
    • Enemies Hooked
    • Hanzo DUTS P q�ڌ������������� �
    • ���������Y ��������  `   ��$y�r
    • YOU
    • MISION
    • Because Helix Rockets have a long cooldown, you can be more aggressive after Soldier: 76 has used them.
    • Sonic projectile launcher.
    • ;
    • Confirm Tracer
    • Roadhog DUTS P q�ڌ������������� �
    • ���������Y ��������  `   ��$y�r
    • Soldier: 76 DUTS P q�ڌ������������� �
    • ���������Y ��������  `   ��$y�r
    • You can avoid damage from Winston's Tesla cannon by moving through Winston and forcing him to turn rapidly to face you.
    • 로켓퀸 - 20 레벨
    • cede ante
    • Hold to charge then release to launch a projectile.
    • Jump Pack Kills a Minute
    • You are not the party leader!
    • Switch to general chat
    • Match Blinks Used
    • When Hanzo uses Dragonstrike, he yells out to the entire map. Listen for him to have a better chance of dodging it.
    • Pharah stays in place when using Barrage, making her an easy target.
    • Heavy Pulse Rifle
    • Wildly fire remaining rounds.
    • VS
    • Lifetime Graviton Surge Kills
    • PIGGY DUTS ` �M�N������������~ �
    • ��������vO �������� ��������*
    •  p   !z/\��3
    • Z
    • la oscuridad
    • Torbjörn Kills a Minute
    • Dragonstrike pairs well with abilities that restrict movement, such as Reinhardt's Earthshatter or Zarya's Graviton Surge.
    • Pharah's hovering can be slow and predictable, making her vulnerable to your own long range attacks.
    • Follow Tracer over to launch control.
    • Sentry Turret Kills a Minute
    • of Match on Fire
    • en la luz
    • a
    • DOWN
    • Charge is a devastating follow up to an enemy stunned by Earthshatter.
    • Fire Strike Kills
    • Surprise and flank enemies so you get in close.
    • Turret Rockets Fired
    • Add Spectator
    • Bastion defends a wide area by reconfiguring into a deadly, immobile turret.
    • Too Many Tank Heroes
    • Recovery
    • Scrap Gun
    • When under sustained attack from an enemy, use your own armor packs to stay alive.
    • Sound Barriers Provided a Minute
    • Take a Breather
    • Dyingbreed - Ability2
    • Spent on Fire
    • ARROW
    • send
    • Press and hold F1 to learn more about your Hero.
    • Give shields to an ally.
    • el amanecer
    • Tab
    • Horizon
    • Use Wraith Form’s invulnerability to move in for a kill or to escape afterward.
    • Attack enemies in enclosed areas to increase the chance that your missed shots still do damage.
    • Most Recon Assists in a Match
    • Accurate, powerful revolver.
    • Roar
    • Fly rapidly upwards.
    • Shots Fired
    • Teleport to a targeted location.
    • s
    • Teleport in the direction you are moving.
    • After using Guardian Angel to reach an airborne Pharah, gliding can keep you away from ground-based threats.
    • Private game match restarted by moderator.
    • 플레이어 레벨 - 50
    • =
    • Reaper
    • Use Chain Hook to pull vulnerable heroes close then blast them with your Scrap Gun.
    • Don't stay in sentry configuration in one place for too long, or your enemy will adapt and gain the upper hand.
    • Sorry, we were unable to log you into
    • Y
    • Hasta la noche
    • Player Level - 75
    • Earthshatter
    • BAMF DUTS ` �M�N������������s �
    • ��������\O �������� ���������%
    •  p   !z/\��3
    • DEFAULT DUTS ` �M�N������������1 �
    • ��������[O �������� ��������  p   !z/\��3
    • SPECTATE 5
    • Q
    • Dragonstrike
    • JOIN
    • You are vulnerable while alone. Fall back and group up with your teammates as they respawn.
    • Guild
    • Damage Blocked
    • Angelic Descent
    • 3
    • match
    • Most Healing Done in a match
    • The RIP-Tire can climb over walls or drive from behind cover, making it harder for enemies to spot.
    • ABILITY 1
    • Time Played
    • You are not in a party
    • Fix It Up
    • Entering Match
    • Reinhardt is a durable tank, using his Barrier Field to provide cover for teammates.
    • Deploy a small turret that damages and slows enemies.
    • SPECTATE 6
    • KING'S ROW  DEFEND  Beneath the glamour of the ritzy King's Row neighborhood, omnics dream of a day they will have the same rights as humans.  ATTACK  Beneath the glamour of the ritzy King's Row neighborhood, omnics dream of a day they will have the same rights as humans. DUTS � Y�/�������������v ��������v  ��������� ��������� ��������7 ��������Q @ ��������� �
    • ��������� �
    • ��������� �
    • ��������� �
    • ��������� �
    • �������� �������� ��������    # JV� P Maps\LoginScenes\London_Login_Scene  �  Aޭ( �
    • Have Blink or Recall ready to avoid being killed by your own Pulse Bomb.
    • Vishkar
    • Can't join matchmaking while in a private game.
    • Caduceus
    • You do not have permission to perform that action in this custom game.
    • BETA -
    • No Builder
    • Scoped Critical Hits
    • Most Recon Kills in a Match
    • Commend
    • Normal players
    • Unable to create private game.
    • 영웅 10명 5 레벨 달성
    • SLOT 1 DUTS P 띋������������4 �
    • �������� ��������   `   B���kC
    • EMOTE
    • SLOT 1 DUTS P 띋������������. �
    • �������� ��������   `   B���kC
    • Tactical Visor Kills a Minute
    • Please enter a command to execute
    • of Rockets Fired
    • Area of effect attacks can destroy a nest of Sentry Turrets.
    • Offense Wins
    • Most Shields Provided in a Match
    • Collect scrap to gain resources.
    • #
    • Objective Captured
    • Triplo
    • Can't join friend's game, friend not found
    • G
    • DEFAULT DUTS ` �M�N������������8 �
    • ��������pO �������� ��������  p   !z/\��3
    • Try to keep a height advantage over Junkrat, he's much less effective if he has to aim up.
    • She dominates the skies with her Jump Jets and Hover abilities.
    • SHOW FPS
    • PLAYING!
    • TEMPLE OF ANUBIS  DEFEND  ATTACK  The ancient Temple of Anubis houses a secret vital to the security of the region, protected by Helix Security Systems.  The ancient Temple of Anubis houses a secret vital to the security of the region, protected by Helix Security Systems. DUTS � Y�/�������������{ ��������{  ��������� ��������� ��������/ ��������P @ � � �������� �
    • ��������  �
    • ��������
    •  �
    • ��������  �
    • ��������  �
    • ��������DZ �������� ��������    " ��P Maps\LoginScenes\Cairo_Login_Scene  ���ݐ Cairo
    • ��5h� CC Map FTW  �  Aޭ( �
    • No Defense Heroes
    • Orb of Discord Assists
    • Specific error:
    • AS
    • Too many messages! Please wait a few seconds...
    • 4
    • Deadeye Kills per Minute
    • Invalid options for private game.
    • SPECTATE 8
    • Most Players Saved in a Match
    • Resurrect
    • Move into the capture area
    • Molten Core clads him in armor and powers him up. Use it wisely.
    • Roll in the direction you're moving and reload.
    • Frag Launcher
    • TURRET
    • Players Teleported a Minute
    • Kanon
    • TRACER
    • Portrait 1
    • Objective Score
    • Heal Up
    • Mobile with a powerful cannon.
    • Offense Losses
    • joinchannel
    • Most Final Blows in a Match
    • When Soldier: 76 activates Tactical Visor, immediately seek cover. If you're caught out in the open, try to kill him before he kills you.
    • Pink
    • Torbjörn Kills
    • Decline the current party invite
    • Match Found
    • F6
    • pg
    • Can't join player. Already trying to join someone else
    • Average
    • Be careful when ambushing Widowmaker if you have low health. She can easily finish you off with her rifle in assault mode.
    • Use Wraith Form to cross well-guarded choke points or to reach cover.
    • SLOT 1 DUTS P 띋������������j �
    • �������� ��������   `   B���kC
    • BAMF
    • Map Wins
    • Always make sure that your entire team has shields. Don't forget recently respawned teammates.
    • That player is already banned.
    • ACCEPT
    • Lunar Ops
    • Look at Tracer in launch control.
    • Add Player
    • join
    • mas oscura
    • Angry
    • Don't let Winston distract you from more threatening enemies.
    • Customization
    • Use Guardian Angel to quickly move to a teammate.
    • Low Team Damage
    • SLOT 1 DUTS P 띋������������" �
    • �������� ��������   `   B���kC
    • Hellfire
    • Caduceus Staff
    • Crest
    • Hanzo excels at killing enemies at long range with his bow.
    • Defense Enters
    • Parting Gift Kills
    • %%
    • Look out for enemy snipers. They are your greatest threat.
    • BACK
    • Unable to leave chat channel
    • Fire Strike penetrates through all enemies in its path, including enemy barriers.
    • Match Time:
    • Always be on the lookout for signs of a Teleporter, such as a recently killed enemy quickly returning to battle.
    • Most Tank Kills in a Match
    • Use your Helix Rockets to finish off low health targets when you need to reload.
    • Provide your team with a view of the enemy's location.
    • Best Weapon Accuracy in a Match
    • Portrait Frame
    • Console
    • Profile
    • removefriend
    • Lifetime Energy Maximum
    • Sprint isn't just for getting back into the fight after you respawn. It's a flexible tool for repositioning on the battlefield.
    • O
    • Authenticating...
    • POD:
    • LOW
    • Shield Uptime
    • SPECTATE 9
    • ULTRA
    • Barrage Kills
    • Zarya is a heavily shielded tank that uses barriers to protect herself and her allies.
    • Reload
    • DEFAULT DUTS ` �M�N������������6 �
    • ��������gO �������� ��������  p   !z/\��3
    • Invalid state for response.
    • Face off against your enemies. Press Q to lock on, then Q or LMB to fire.
    • Symmetra DUTS P q�ڌ������������� �
    • ���������Y ��������  `   ��$y�r
    • Players Resurrected a Minute
    • Not in a private game instance.
    • Target Mercy first. It keeps her from using Resurrect, and she's often more vulnerable than the rest of her team.
    • Widowmaker has an extremely long range with her sniper rifle.
    • 죽기 전까지 8킬
    • Rocket Barrages
    • LOADING...
    • EPIC
    • Average Energy
    • Damage all nearby enemies.
    • Scatter Arrow Kills a Minute
    • Heal Boost Time
    • Hooks Attempted
    • Stay near your teammates to avoid being singled out by Tracer.
    • F12
    • Players Teleported
    • Jump Jet
    • Team Tips
    • 위도우메이커 - 20 레벨
    • Teleporter Pad
    • PB
    • Damage blocked increases Particle Cannon damage.
    • NUMBANI  DEFEND  ATTACK DUTS p Y�/�������������� ���������  ��������fG ��������PG ��������� ��������y @ ��������� �
    • �������� �
    • �������� �
    • �������� �������� ��������#] �������� �������� �������� ����  �t�P Maps\Numbani\Numbani_Final  �  Aޭ( �
    • Energy Accumulation
    • Deploy a Barrier Projector on the objective to protect teammates who are contesting it.
    • TIME:
    • Critical Hit Accuracy
    • Total Mayhem
    • Armor Packs Created
    • Orb of Discord
    • Reinhardt
    • Escape danger by using Guardian Angel to fly to a distant teammate.
    • Activating Primal Rage completely heals Winston. Try to wait until you reach low health before using it.
    • >:
    • HANAMURA  DEFEND  Since its founding generations ago, the Shimada ninja clan has made their home in the quiet village of Hanamura. From behind its ancient walls, the family's power grows through weapons trading, smuggling, and assassination.  ATTACK  With its restaurants, shops, and prime cherry blossom viewing, Hanamura is a popular tourist destination, but the sleepy town hides a dark secret known only to a select few. DUTS p Y�/�������������e ��������e  ��������" ��������� ��������6 ��������R @ ��������8 �
    • ��������9 �
    • ��������; �
    • ��������: �
    • ��������< �
    • �������� ] �������� ��������   ����  } `�P Maps\Kyoto\Kyoto_Final  �  Aޭ( �
    • Use Dragonstrike to clear enemies from an objective.
    • Default
    • Disconnected from
    • Restore Defaults
    • F
    • Steel
    • Bastion DUTS P q�ڌ������������� �
    • ���������Y ��������  `   ��$y�r
    • Ultimate
    • Level 20 with 2 heroes
    • Play Overwatch
    • Launch a gravity well that pulls enemies to it.
    • Shadow Step
    • Defend Objective A
    • privategame
    • PIGGY
    • 맹독 지뢰
    • Rain rockets on a group of enemies with Barrage.
    • Gravity Bomb
    • Fire Helix Rockets at the targets.
    • Critical Hits
    • Turrets only engage enemies within 40 meters. Try to place them in locations where they cannot be shot from outside their range.
    • An internal error occured.
    • DEFAULT DUTS ` �M�N������������3 �
    • ��������
    • Longest Deployment
    • Turret Kills a Minute
    • Always try to keep your Orb of Discord on an enemy, prioritizing enemies who are attacking you.
    • of Team Kills
    • High Energy Kills
    • BASE SLOT DUTS P 띋�������������" �
    • �������� ��������   `   B���kC
    • Hold to hover.
    • 영웅 30명 20 레벨 달성
    • In Repair
    • Уинстон
    • BASE SLOT DUTS P 띋�������������" �
    • �������� ��������   `   B���kC
    • The whisper recipient is not online.
    • Stun enemies in front of you.
    • Symmetra's shields and Torbjörn's armor packs can make up for Tracer's low maximum health.
    • Map Enters
    • This build contains unreleased content.
    • Move in and out of cover to protect yourself while sniping.
    • Your account cannot send realID invitations.
    • Rebalancing
    • 7
    • Players Saved a Minute
    • Tactical Visor Kills
    • Car Wash
    • Use Pulse Bombs to destroy static defenses such as Torbjörn's turret or Bastion in sentry configuration.
    • Warning: Players on your friends list can possibly identify you as a Blizzard employee playing Overwatch.
    • Energy Maximum
    • 플레이어 레벨 - 20
    • Barrier
    • Reaper DUTS P q�ڌ������������� �
    • ���������Y ��������  `   ��$y�r
    • Use multiple Blinks in rapid succession to cross gaps and reach normally inaccessible areas.
    • F1
    • LEAP
    • Wall Climb
    • Deploy a field that heals you and your allies.
    • Unable to update player in private game.
    • Magnifique
    • Offense Enters
    • SLOT 1
    • NEXT  PREV  You are now spectating:
    • The invitation was successfully sent.
    • DEFAULT DUTS ` �M�N������������9 �
    • ���������O �������� ��������  p   !z/\��3
    • Speed Boost Time
    • Soundwave
    • Wall Ride
    • Earthshatter, Charge, and Fire Strike all have significant cooldowns. Bait Reinhardt to use them, then move in for the kill.
    • Sentry Turret
    • Widow's Kiss
    • The light blue chevrons visible in the world are location markers for your teammates.
    • Junkrat DUTS P q�ڌ������������� �
    • ���������Y ��������  `   ��$y�r
    • Chat server is down
    • Blaster Kills
    • If engaging an enemy while in recon configuration, it's usually better to fight than to switch into sentry configuration.
    • Use your Concussion Mine to knock away approaching enemies, or to knock yourself out of danger.
    • PAGE UP
    • Switch to match chat
    • Pharah
    • Map Reconnects
    • Match Recalls Used
    • No Function
    • You cannot send an invitation to yourself.
    • Reinhardt DUTS P q�ڌ������������� �
    • ���������Y ��������  `   ��$y�r
    • Use Transcendence to save yourself from immediate danger, then retreat to your team for support.
    • 트레이서 - 20 레벨
    • Breather
    • Group up and attack with your teammates. A coordinated attack succeeds more often.
    • Activate Biotic Field.
    • Move faster and become invulnerable, but you cannot shoot.
    • HEROES
    • Ping - Social
    • Signature
    • Whole Hog Kills per Minute
    • Recon Assists per Minute
    • Log out of the game
    • Whatcha' Lookin' At?
    • MVP
    • TAB
    • V
    • Transcendence
    • BASE SLOT DUTS P 띋�������������" �
    • �������� ��������   `   B���kC
    • Most Critical Hits within one Life
    • Revive dead teammates.
    • 영웅 20명 10 레벨 달성
    • KILL CAM
    • Escort The Payload
    • SELECT
    • Avatar Portrait
    • MAP
    • Most Players Knocked Back in a Match
    • BASE SLOT DUTS P 띋�������������" �
    • �������� ��������   `   B���kC
    • Peacekeeper's alternate fire quickly shoots the remaining rounds in the weapon, so try to stay fully loaded.
    • 플레이어 레벨 - 40
    • 리퍼 - 20 레벨
    • Caduceus Blaster
    • Souls Consumed
    • 3RD
    • MINION
    • Grand Theft
    • BASE SLOT DUTS P 띋�������������" �
    • �������� ��������   `   B���kC
    • Sprint
    • Private game doesn't exist.
    • Coordinate your Sound Barrier with your teammates' ultimates to push objectives.
    • Surge
    • FLEX
    • 1
    • Whole Hog Kills
    • K
    • Soldier: 76 prefers to keep his enemies at medium range to allow him to retreat, use cover, and heal with Biotic Field.
    • More than one player found, who did you mean?
    • Pulse Bomb Kills a Minute
    • Use cover to charge your Orbs of Destruction. You're vulnerable when you attack.
    • Energy
    • Can't join a private game while in another private game.
    • QUIT
    • Searching
    • Splits into multiple ricochet arrows on impact.
    • Take a Knee
    • S
    • Uppgradera
    • 플레이어 레벨 - 30
    • Most Players Resurrected in a Match
    • Partially charged shots can finish off targets with low health.
    • Summary
    • Can't join friend's game, friend is in queue, not a match
    • Salute
    • Switch to team chat
    • Most Rocket Blast Kills in a Match
    • XP
    • Death Comes
    • Photon Projector Kills
    • 3 Hour CAIS warning goes here.
    • Helmet
    • Orb of Destruction
    • Fresh Meat
    • Create temporary shields for nearby allies.
    • Unlocked
    • Theme
    • No Sniper
    • Helix Rocket Kills
    • U
    • Automatic weapon.
    • ARROW DUTS ` �M�N������������_ �
    • ��������XO �������� ��������+7
    •  p   !z/\��3
    • DEFAULT DUTS ` �M�N������������2 �
    • ��������hO �������� ��������  p   !z/\��3
    • Shots Hit
    • When your Orb of Discord is on an enemy, you can see their location, even through walls.
    • 温斯顿
    • Steel Trap
    • Create a damage barrier around an ally.
    • SLOT 1 DUTS P 띋������������ �
    • �������� ��������   `   B���kC
    • DEFAULT DUTS ` �M�N������������4 �
    • ��������bO �������� ��������  p   !z/\��3
    • DEFAULT DUTS ` �M�N������������0 �
    • ��������kO �������� ��������  p   !z/\��3
    • Teleporters Placed
    • You are now spectating:
    • DORADO  DEFEND  ATTACK DUTS � Y�/�������������y ��������y  ���������V ��������uG ��������� ��������� @ �������� �
    • �������� �
    • �������� �
    • �������� �������� �������� �������� �������� �������� ���� # ,RoP Maps\LoginScenes\Mexico_Login_Scene  �  Aޭ( �
    • Grappling Hook
    • Hanzo
    • Armor Uptime
    • NUMPAD4
    • Harmony
    • Unable to send report at this time.
    • Use her weapon’s secondary fire at long range targets and its primary fire up close.
    • Warning!  I PROMISE TO NOT LEAK THIS  This build contains unreleased content.  Warning: Players on your friends list can possibly identify you as a Blizzard employee playing Overwatch.
    • 4
    • Enemies Trapped
    • Turret Rocket Accuracy
    • Final Blows per Minute
    • Move backwards.
    • C
    • Healing Done
    • Barrier Projector creates a protective sphere that blocks enemy fire.
    • Prepare to Attack
    • Zenyatta is an offensive support hero that can heal allies and cripple enemies.
    • Private game shutdown because the owner has left.
    • Keep your Sentry Turrets out of view. Place them high on walls or on ceilings.
    • THANK
    • Statue
    • RWIN
    • Cute
    • Use Biotic Field to heal your remaining damage.
    • SAVE
    • /
    • Time out communicating with
    • Group server is down
    • SLOT 1 DUTS P 띋������������� �
    • �������� ��������   `   B���kC
    • Your most dangerous enemies usually have the loudest weapons and footsteps.
    • Hold LMB to charge then release to launch arrows further.
    • Social
    • Voice Chat - Toggle Mic Mute
    • Killing Zenyatta removes his Orb of Discord and Orb of Harmony from their targets.
    • Hook
    • Reinhardt's size makes him easier to hit.
    • W
    • Earthshatter Kills a Minute
    • Custom server settings updated, will take effect next match.
    • Mobile with a light automatic weapon.
    • JUMP
    • Rivet Gun - Alt Fire
    • Concussive Blast
    • NUMPAD2
    • Your Rocket Hammer's swing hits all enemies in its path.
    • LEVEL UP!
    • You are vulnerable as you fade away and reappear with Shadowstep.
    • Can't join game with pending invites
    • F11
    • Reaper's Hellfire shotguns are most effective against large targets such as Reinhardt and Winston.
    • Play Nice
    • ADD AI
    • While McCree can shoot at long range targets, he is still at a disadvantage against a dedicated sniper.
    • Inaccurate but powerful short range weapon.
    • Use Self-Repair to keep yourself at full health and armor between engagements.
    • SPECTATE 2
    • Guillermo Portero
    • Jump at walls to climb up them.
    • Calculating Averages
    • DEFAULT DUTS ` �M�N������������< �
    • ��������dO �������� ��������  p   !z/\��3
    • Mercy DUTS P q�ڌ������������� �
    • ���������Y ��������  `   ��$y�r
    • LMENU
    • Player Level - 10
    • Aura
    • DEPLOY
    • After your Flashbang stuns an enemy, use the Peacekeeper's alternate fire, Combat Roll, and then fire again.
    • Move left and right.
    • The ancient Temple of Anubis houses a secret vital to the security of the region, protected by Helix Security Systems.
    • No Players Available
    • When a teammates dies, the location of their corpse is marked by a skull icon visible in the world.
    • sean olvidados
    • Error
    • Turret Uptime per Minute
    • Your sentry configuration's cannon does immense damage, especially to large targets like tank heroes and barriers.
    • Avoid enemy attacks by using Combat Roll to dodge behind cover.
    • Invalid response received.
    • H
    • - Low Health
    • invite
    • Since its founding generations ago, the Shimada ninja clan has made their home in the quiet village of Hanamura. From behind its ancient walls, the family's power grows through weapons trading, smuggling, and assassination.
    • Prepare To Attack
    • Winston leaps in the direction of his targeting reticle when using Jump Pack. By looking up, he can jump nearly straight up and land where he took off.
    • Widowmaker DUTS P q�ڌ������������� �
    • ���������Y ��������  `   ��$y�r
    • Players Saved
    • EARTHSHATTER DUTS ` �M�N������������� �
    • ��������jO �������� ���������
    •  p   !z/\��3
    • 6
    • A
    • Dragonstrike Kills
    • team
    • Best Attachment Time
    • Headshot Kills
    • Always keep your Orb of Harmony on a teammate, even if everyone is at full health.
    • Blink
    • Soldier: 76
    • Enter the highlighted area.
    • Assemble Your Heroes
    • Move to Tracer at the weapons bay.
    • Green
    • Peacekeeper
    • r
    • BASE SLOT DUTS P 띋�������������" �
    • �������� ��������   `   B���kC
    • Tracer excels at skirmishing. Avoid fights where the odds are not in your favor.
    • Right-click to unbind individual keys.
    • Avenger
    • Activate the hero select screen
    • Melee Kills a Minute
    • Rocket Blast Kills
    • 5
    • Use Sprint.
    • Dragonstrike Kills a Minute
    • Most Enemies Trapped in a Match
    • Unlocked by default
    • Coordinate your team's attacks to quickly destroy Reinhardt's Barrier Shield.
    • Most Healing Done within one Life
    • Player already changing parties
    • Be careful when using Wraith Form, you could find yourself in a situation with no way out.
    • When you're able to Resurrect, try to play more defensively. It's no use to you dead!
    • 귓속말
    • Pistol DUTS p �r������������8 �
    • ���������Z ���������Z ��������c ���������Œ P �   ���9�+�DUTS � s߂�����0  @ ���������,'� �������� 4�P  ���������9c� ��������y�   �  �l��/^
    • 6
    • Matchmaking social server is down
    • Storm Bow
    • View hero details
    • Prepare your Defenses
    • Bastion
    • Can't join matchmaking, no players are ready.
    • The whisper could not be sent because it was too large.
    • Winston excels at attacking snipers and support heroes by leaping onto them from a distance and finishing them with his Tesla cannon.
    • Defend Objective B
    • Throw a triggered knockback mine.
    • Tactical Visors
    • \
    • Self-Repair
    • Cheers
    • Tank Kills a Minute
    • Dragonstrike does not damage deployable static defenses, such as Torbjörn's turret, but it will damage Bastion in sentry configuration.
    • Pulse Bomb Attaches a Minute
    • Few Defense Heroes
    • Follow Tracer up to the target range.
    • Unable to be assigned to instance, removing.
    • Scoped Critical Hits per Minute
    • Lotus
    • Your report was successfully received.
    • Junkrat uses a variety of explosives to wreak havoc on the battlefield.
    • Defense Losses
    • Automatically aims your weapon at targets in view.
    • The best counters to a Reaper's Death Blossom are to stun or kill him.
    • Honor
    • DEFAULT DUTS ` �M�N������������; �
    • ��������wO �������� ��������  p   !z/\��3
    • Particle Cannon
    • Most Melee Kills in a Match
    • Junkrat
    • Enemy barriers can block the shots from Deadeye.
    • BASE SLOT DUTS P 띋�������������" �
    • �������� ��������   `   B���kC
    • Detonate a Concussion Mine at your feet to launch yourself into the air, reaching higher areas.
    • Rifle
    • Blue
    • Whole Hog
    • Score per Minute
    • Helix Rockets
    • Pumped
    • NECK SLICE DUTS ` �M�N������������n �
    • ��������rO �������� ���������'
    •  p   !z/\��3
    • Fly towards an ally.
    • - Critical Health
    • Reaper is most effective at very close range. Keep him at a distance.
    • Gears
    • Most Critical Hit Kills within one Life
    • Match
    • GROUP UP
    • Sentry Kills
    • Win 100 matches
    • 0
    • Ambush the enemy team with Death Blossom to turn the tide of battle.
    • Player Level - 40
    • Reveals enemies for a short time upon impact.
    • GAME PAD
    • Lifetime Energy Accumulation
    • DEFAULT DUTS ` �M�N������������
    •  �
    • ���������O �������� ��������   p   !z/\��3
    • Raptora
    • Most Tactical Visor Kills in a Match
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    Sorry for the delayed response Doowie, it looks like I didn't have notifications setup for this forum.

    I'm certain we'll open up some sort of map discussion forum in the future, but there isn't really a reason to have one open now as I feel it would be quite empty. So push everything map related to general discussion, and if/when the time comes, we'll move everything relevant over!

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    posted a message on Moderators and Administrators

    We're always watching ;)

    Not a whole lot to talk about yet though, which is unfortunate =(

    It really makes me miss the early days of Hearthstone when we had so many cards to talk about, and new information coming out every couple of week. So much easier to have some great discussions! Hopefully we get our hands on the game sooner rather than later, or get *something* to do.

    Once things pick up though, we'll definitely be picking up a couple of enthusiastic mods for the site.

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    posted a message on So, how are you guys?
    Quote from WNxArcthurus »

    I recognize a few of you guys... ;)

    Never seen you before on a certain Hearthstone site, not at all. <3

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    posted a message on Your experience on tf2?

    Oh man, Team Fortress 2, it's been a while old friend.


    I used to play quite a bit of TF2, before Steam was properly logging your /played, mainly playing Engineer and Heavy. It's the reason I'm most excited to play Torbjorn and Winston. Winston basically has his own built in uber-charge, and that's super awesome.


    Running down the middle of any map with Heavy and Medic combo was pretty much the most fun I've had in TF2.. although camping behind a turret watching pubs run into it over and over again was also incredibly satisfying. So. Many. Kills.


    The TF2 Trading system was also a huge highlight of my time spent playing the game, and I can only hope there's plans for something similar for Overwatch.


    Edit: This thread has gotten me to update my TF2 install. I'll make sure I play this at some point today!

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    posted a message on Certain Colours/Buttons are hard to read (imho)

    Update: Kink was resolved, no rollback required. We've had to rollback the patch, something went wrong.


    Our developers have just deployed a new patch to the site which fixes issues in the account management area with several elements which were White on Yellow. They should now be Black on Yellow.


    Please let us know here on the Site Feedback forums if you have any other issues. Thanks!

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    posted a message on Sprint Key?
    Quote from Atra »

    Just realized this is in off topic :/ Can a mod move to General please?

    Done ;)

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    posted a message on Certain Colours/Buttons are hard to read (imho)

    Thanks for your feedback, Suprm, and welcome to the forums!


    There are definitely some improvements that can be made to those buttons, I'll see what we can get done ;)


    As far as theme switching is concerned, there are no plans at this time but your feedback is appreciated.

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    posted a message on Any news if this will be on console?

    No news yet for consoles, but we'll see!

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    posted a message on So, how are you guys?

    Hi guys ;D

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    posted a message on So, how are you guys?

    Looks like our forum issues have been resolved \o/. So, sup?


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    posted a message on Site Rules and Guidelines (11/17/2014)

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    posted a message on Which Heroes are you most excited to play?

    Overwatch hype! Who are you most excited to play? Pick as many Heroes as you want.

    Personally, I can't wait for Winston. Nothing more awesome than being a massive ape.

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