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  • posted a message on Overwatch - Origins Edition Launching Spring 2016 - $40 USD

    I really want this game to have a story mode/single play.


    Such colorful and interesting Heroes - their story must be told not only as a wall of text..


    I want to pre-purchase it) I want this sexy latex-costume Widow) I want tracer in HOTS) i want OW card-back.

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  • posted a message on Never Before Seen: Datamined Hero Sprays - Potential Unlockables

    Finally russian words are written correctly)) I Mean Zarya's sprays.

    All sprays are awesome. painters has made their job well!

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  • posted a message on Lucio

    Or check Zarya) i'm Russian and this dominating lesbian causes butthurt) Lucio have a proper voice, compared to Zarya with terrible accent. Welocme to the club of unsatisfied with representatives of their countries in OW)))

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  • posted a message on Zarya

    Interesting role and gameplay. But i dont like the way they made this hero. Looks like dominating lesbian (man - role). Pink short hair. brrrr
    It must be a man. Big and strong wrestler. Or beatiful woman. But not like this. Yes, nobody loves russians, i know that and got used to, but ...
    And about voices - i don't believe that Blizzard have no russian-speaking people, that can say few words without this terrible accent. We dont speak like this. really. This sounds like aliens from Trade Federation in Star Wars ep1. "Where are droidekas?". Terrible sound. "Ogon' po gotovnosti".

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