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    posted a message on Rio Olympic Themed Skins, Intro Videos and Sprays coming soon.
    Quote from Himea >>
    You can't get the Summer skins with coins, or by playing. I paid $20, the only $20 I can spend from my budget this month, and got TWO things out of 24 boxes that were even related to the summer event. I'm okay with micro-transactions, I'm even okay with them being random. But random, three-week time limited, micro-transaction ONLY cosmetics is just bullshit that I can't afford even if I wanted to.
     The loot boxes you get for leveling up during the event are the summer games boxes, it's not micro-transaction ONLY.
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    posted a message on Best POTG of the Month!

    Honestly, i'm impressed. On how bad the other team was, they had a tracer and a pharah who could easily destroy bastion and your turret. Or even destroying only bastion would make the trick, because torb turret can't destroy reindhart shield, they could use the shield and get past your turret, ignoring your "golden spot"

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    posted a message on 113% kill participation?

    the percentage in overwatch is screwed, i was with a 10% winrate at Bastion with 0 games played

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    posted a message on [Speculation] Sombra Abilities and Ultimate
    Quote from RichyWoo >>

    My [Speculation] [Not official] [I 100% made this up] Guess to Sombra's powers.


    Main weapon, Scoped Sniper Rifle, Triple shot firing.

    Secondary Weapon, Reserve Pistol (similar to Mercy and


    Ability: Invisibility. Sombra can turn fully invisible for up to 10 seconds, taking damage or using any ability cancels this.

    Ability: Hologram. Sombra creates a static hologram of herself to trick her enemies into revealing their position. This hologram explodes in a burst when damaged, damaging and slowing any enemies in the area.


    Ultimate: Overwatch/Blackwatch Banner

          Sombra plants that Overwatch flag she is always carrying in the ground and this gives all friendly troops within a large radius increased Damage Resistance, Allies also regenerate health while very close to the flag. The banner can be shot down and destroyed by enemy troops.

     The girl that carries the flag is Pharah's mother, and she is actually "dead". Do you think that Sombra is Pharah's mom?
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    posted a message on Pricing is messed up.

    In my country it costs 159,00 R$(Brazil) And this is too fucking expensive for me. But I'll wait and buy it anyway

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