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    posted a message on Overwatch : An Unexpected Journey

    Greetings fellow agents , *when I was a girl i had a fear*... ohh wait that's not the one?!


    Greetings fellow agents of Overwatch , Name's Kristijan (Showdown) and Ivor (Phyrexian) together we form a force of nature called Shoxian and we'll be ... no that's not good. 


    *Cough* Cough* Let me tell you a story of 2 noobs that wish to climb Overwatch mountain , striving for those lootboxes and shiny gameplays.

    Their journey has begun ... (*ohh get on with it already ... jezz*)


    Hi guys name's Shoxian ,

    We are two big Overwatch fans from Croatia and we'll be playing it live on our channel!


    Current schedule for our streams is 17:00 to 22:00 CEST (UTC/GMT +2)  ,

    Tune in , play with us on PC , watch us make bad and good plays and most importantly have some fun !


    Follow us on twitter for updates regarding the streams

    Link to the channel can be found in our signature below 


    If you are interested in guides check our D.VA and MCCREE guide in the guide section and tell us what you think .

    More guides coming up...


    Looking forward to see you boys and girls!



    P.S. *when I was a girl I had a fear of spiders ... *Looks down* nope not a girl and still afraid of spiders , especially big ones , they freak me out #_#




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    posted a message on 41/2 K/D, 73% Kill Participation, 5 Kill PotG - Widowmaker Gameplay

    I agree with midknight , very important to shutdown good sniper .

    73% widow hurts , well played man 

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    posted a message on D.VA potgm

    Love it =D

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    posted a message on Junkrat Bible

    1.) Useful tips .

    2.)Thanks man appreciate the effort .

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    posted a message on Will my PC be able to handle the game?

    You might get a decent FPS on low settings but its questionable . Systemlab will likely show you that you can run low settings but make sure your pc is in good shape then . I'd strongly recommend upgrade for best experience anyway , game is very fast paced and it means a lot to have stable and high FPS.

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    posted a message on Overwatch and how we see it

    Hey guys created this topic simply for the reason of seeing how you guys feel about the game overall. Would like to hear your opinion on specific details about the game on a simple scale from 1 to 10.


    Graphics and UI : 7/10 - Charming graphics , lovely hero details , simple UI . We like it the way it is but would love to see more UI options in the future .


    Maps and environment : 7/10 - We feel that the maps and environment are feel designed. We love some maps more then the other and feel there could be slight improvement in the future. 


    Agents(heroes) : 8/10 - Nice agent designs , various customization , looking forward to see new agents and more customization.


    Gameplay : 10/10 - Great FPS experience , very addictive and fun to play. We really enjoy playing Overwatch with you guys!



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    posted a message on Death Blossom insanity for you Reaper fans out there!


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    posted a message on [Hero Concept] Udo

    Great idea ! I like the complexity of the abilities it makes the hero versatile and challenging to play

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    posted a message on Introduce yourself!

    Hello there! My name is Kristijan . I live in Croatia and I spend a lot of my free time playing various video games. I am a huge RPG fan especially action RPGs and games with great storylines that inspire me to be better and make me smile. I never really enjoyed FPS until this amazing game blew my mind. Game is full of action, funny moments, great plays, epic fails and it's all merged together in this beautiful world filled with agents from all over the globe. Overwatch is one of a kind and I wanna thank the developers for bringing out this sunlight to a world of FPS.


    I am calling all of you agents out there to recall and join me on may 24th


    Looking forward to play with you!

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