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  • posted a message on D.Va

    It's strange to nearly evaporate at times when you walk onto a point. Had a match today where I got hooked by Roadhog and was ejecting before I made it to him from full health. A buff to armor mitigation in general or vs AoE would be great. Just compensate those that become too survivable with less of it that is equivalent to the effective health they had before the buff. I usually play her as a mobile tank though with a lot of boosting. That crit location though can be a problem when charging someone or holding any point. She's an in your face tank and that severely hurts her. Part of being a good D.Va though is living when you eject and getting the meka back, which I've gotten pretty good at.


    Right now she's close but no cigar. just some QoL changes would be nice.

    Posted in: Heroes
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