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    posted a message on launch hype.
    Quote from futhead_tauriel >>

    tell what u will do last 3 hours till overwatch launch :)

     Say "farewell" to all other video-games i've loved in recent years: "I'll see you all in a good while".
    Also, need Sombra now!
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    posted a message on D.Va Boosters+ Self-Destruct

    Huh ...i had this twice already, both times i thought i moved by mistake at the end or something else moved me but this explains it. I'll see on the official forums if there is anything about it.

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    posted a message on New healer - discussion

    Well i got a couple ideas for healers, hope you guys like them.


    First is a woman wielding an electro-shock blaster that can shoot to heal or deal damage.


    Left-click = Electro-bolter (primary) - Long-range electric-bolt.
    Right-click = Electro-bolter (secondary) - Hold to charge blaster for a wider, more effective bolt.
    Shift = Charge shift - Change the charge of the electro-bolter between positive and negative.
    E = Magneto - Place a floating electro magnet that slows enemies and pulls projectiles that pass close to it. Jumping close beneath it doubles the height of the jump.
    Q = Overload the electro-bolter shooting a constant mid-range cone of both positive and negative charge, healing all allies and dealing damage to all enemies within it.


    Female on her mid 30's, body-wise between Mei and Widowmaker with an overalls and wearing all sorts of mechanical stuff. If you've seen Fullmetal Alchemist, think of a slightly chubby Winry but with darker hair and skin with a couple of oil-grease shades under her eyes like those worn by football players.
    Her bolter has a higher chance to hit allies when on positive charge (wider crosshairs) but harder to hit enemies. On both charges, the alt-fire has a bigger effect and better chance to hit but easier to dodge by aware enemies, similar to Symmetra's charged shot but it doesn't pass shields and doesn't auto-fire at max charge.
    The shift may seem similar to Lucio's but since it's not aura based, it allows her to stay further back, away from enemy fire.
    The magnet would be placed in a fashion similar to Mei's Ice Wall, always at the same height from the ground, think of 2 Reinhardt's height. It's use is primary to make stationary enemies like Bastions, snipers or turrets miss more by placing it close to them, and if they try to move out of it's effect, they can but do it slowed. Effect range similar to Soldier 76's biotic emitter. Still affects bullets shot through it if placed within the line of fire of enemies.
    I would rate her 2 stars.


    Second is an evil mad-scientist like doctor that wields an injections gun.


    Passive = Bloody Experiments - Collect blood samples from fallen heroes.

    Left-click = Injections needler - Long-range fast-moving needle that deals little healing over time when hitting an ally or damage over time when hitting an enemy. Stacks up to three times.
    Shift = Super-doctor - Injects himself with a concoction that boosts his healing and movement. Requires one blood sample. Lasts 5 seconds.
    E = Healing Packages - Place a health pack on the field that he or allies can use. Requires 2 blood samples.
    Q = The Monster Within - Injects himself with a stronger concoction (with side effects) that increases his health and damage done while changing his primary fire to a wide spread mid-range shot.


    Think of a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde kind of character. Tall slender guy on his mid 40's with a metal mouth cover, white robe, surgeon gloves and an eye covered by a mechanical lens (with the classical red-cross on it). Permanent evil-grin, just the kind of doctor you wouldn't want on your surgery.
    His passive is meant to balance him a little, he needs to be on the fray to be useful and make his shots easier to land. Both allies and enemies drop blood samples. No limit on samples collected.
    Shooting similar to Mei's alt-fire, his shots are harder to hit but it's effects stack, both in time and effect. 3 secs on each stack, 5 healing or damage per second and stack (meaning 5, 10 and 15 points respectively).
    The Health packs are just the same as the small ones found around the map except while on ultimate, then the health packs are of the bigger type while still costing 2 bloods.
    If shift is active, all currently active healing stacks are increased by 2.
    While on ult, he transforms into a big monster with tentacles on his back (think of Warcraft's Professor Putricide) and his shooting becomes more like Roadhog's while still having the same effects, so in this mode, he can place stacks on multiple enemies and allies at the same time. Can't use shift while on this mode.
    I would rate him 3 stars.


    So what do you think? I got back-ground stories for them too and even got an idea for a bad-guy omnic tank too but i plan on writing all of this on the forums once the game is out. The world needs heroes, but this game needs villains too.

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    posted a message on Skin Suggestions

    D.Va - Terran Thor: Basically the mecha resembling an Starcraft 2 Thor unit and her wearing color according clothing.

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    posted a message on Official "Did you get in?" thread!
    Quote from WaifuPatrol >>

    Well, maybe because he is a fan and more likely to really know what this game is and wanting to play, instead of all the morons who signed up for beta on a whim, got invited and never even played/played for 10 mins and gave up.

    And no, I am not one who spent much money on Blizzgames. I only played WoW from TBC to Cata and Starcraft I + Warcraft III, so I am aware that I still wouldn't get jack shit even if Blizz invited fans. I just think it would have been fairer and more understandable than what they are doing right now. Which is letting mainly streamers in and not giving a shit about fans and people who pre-ordered.

    If a pre-order had granted me instant access, I would have bought long ago. I would have even bought the more expensive versions rather than just the base game for 40€ if I had to.

     I've never streamed in my life and yet, i'm in. In the near 40 hours i've played the game, i've only had 1 game with a streamer, the rest where like me, a bunch of no-bodies who signed up for the beta and got lucky.
    Sorry but it's the truth, yes, media and streamers got invites but i assure you they represent way less than 20% of the current OW player-base. The problem resides in the fact that you see that people more since it's the only way you can currently watch the game. It's a matter of perspective.
    There have been over 8 million beta sign-ups and only about 5000 people are playing ...besides the few you mention who got invited by Blizz itself, the ones who get the random invites basically won a lottery. I consider myself very fortunate and by any means i undervalue your frustration but give it time and patience and you might get in, just keep the hopes up.
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    posted a message on Official "Did you get in?" thread!

    Been in since it came back in February 9.


    Loving it so far ...poor HotS, SC2, D3, Hs and WoW (a little), i can't stop playing OW.

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    posted a message on How is blizz handling age and racism?

    Weird, i've played the hell out of the beta and haven't seen anywhere those 2 points ...i've definitely seen people ranting like 12yo kids when losing but not actually been 12yo kids ...everyone that i've heard on voice has always sounded uhm how to put it, mature.

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