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    posted a message on Introduce yourself!

    I'm SneakySquids.  HIYA folks!  I tried to choose a username I wouldn't regret because it got really cringey.  So I said fuck it and went with SneakySquids.  I play Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm (sorta, trying to balance out school life and video games).  Just waiting to join the beta club.  If you see me in any game, feel free to say hi and add me (if you want, I don't do much).  

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    posted a message on Official "Did you get in?" thread!

    Incredible.  Basically my experience so far.  I feel bad, but honestly I have a lot of school work to procrastinate, so I'm a little  too busy to play

    oh god blizzard please my body was ready for 365 days dont do this to me

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    posted a message on Bringing a hammer to a gun fight
    Quote from JohnKerrigan >>

     I'm surprised no one has yelled "JUSTICE!" even once in this thread.


    An now for an actual contribution to the thread.

    Rein's Hammer swing seems like it has a hell of a lot more coverage and range than anyone's quick melee attacks, which for the most part seem to be a quick jab at the crosshairs. He also has significantly more armour than Winston, and has more Hitpoints in general (Rein's 600 to Winston's 500, both including armor). So Rein has more ability range, crowd control, durability, and  single target damage potential, while Winston has more weapon range, group damage, vertical mobility, and sustain with his Ultimate healing to 1000 health.

     I would argue that Reinhardt has more sustain that Winston.  He has that sheild which sheilds him wherever he goes.  That is essentially another 2000hp at the cost of movement speed and having to sheild your team.  It also makes him vulnerable to flanking.  I don't feel like this will be an issue as his team will be backing him up and if you do get flanked they should be able to save you.  Winston can't get flanked to the the nature of his sheild, but  he is much more mobile, meaning that his shield would not be as efficient at saving him as it is at disrupting the enemy team with the sudden sheild placed in a valuable spot. 

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    posted a message on The No Beta Club Invades Overpwn! Accepting all applications! Also in need of a Vice President and a Secretary

    I'd like to join.  I don't want to do any work, but I'd like to formally apply for membership.  I'd probably never get into the beta, too many content creators to put into the mix for a person like me to get put in.

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