Unreleased Pharah Skin - Raptorion

Unreleased Pharah Skin - Raptorion

We've been datamining the Overwatch client for goodies and came across what we believe to be an unreleased Pharah skin - Raptorion Pharah!

We were able to figure this out due to some skins in the game having an avatar associated with them inside of the game data. Raptorion Pharah is the only avatar we have found which doesn't correlate with any of the skins currently available in the Hero Gallery.

We don't know if the skin has been cut from the game or simply wasn't ready for beta yet, but we are certain a Robot-Dog-Bird would make for quite an awesome skin.

Check out the avatar of Raptorion Pharah below, along with other skin avatars we found.

Skin Avatars

Not all skins seem to have avatars but for those that do, you can find them below!






Rating UI Will be Changed!

Jeff Kaplan confirmed the current player rating UI is only temporary. 

Quote from Jeff Kaplan
People have crazy Bnet names, and I can't remember who played what character during a match. Having a portrait of the last character played next to the name when rating players post-match would be awesome.
This interface is temporary and will be changing soon. Great feedback.


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