The Music of Overwatch - Datamined Full Music Files, Beta Invites, Console Auth, Blue Posts

More Beta Invites!

Quote from @PlayOverwatch
Another wave of accounts from our opt-in pool have just been flagged for beta access! Notification emails are on the way.

Console Authentication

Update 3:20 PM EDT: Two strings have been located which point towards console network authentication within Overwatch. We already had a pretty good idea that Overwatch was coming to consoles, but it looks like the support for it may be further along than anyone thought.


The Music of Overwatch

3:20 PM EDT: Temp removed updates log. We've still got a few more audio files to share, sit tight!

We've got access to the tunes of Overwatch! We've categorized them below based on their locations/maps in-game. No where else will you find audio files from the game in this high of quality. For best results, watch the videos in 1080p.

Music in Overwatch is potentially not final, as is most things from the beta.

Title Screen

Not a whole lot here, the looping portion is very tame and doesn't seem to go back to the starting clip once it is hit.

Game Ending


King's Row

Watchpoint: Gibraltar


Temple of Anubis

Volskaya Industries


Raw Input and Input Lag

Quote from John Lafleur
Thanks for all the feedback. I can give you a little bit more information about the details of input lag.

We use only unadjusted raw input for our input handling (except when in the UI) as is common for FPS's. We also do a few other things to try to minimize input lat (sample input at the latest possible moment, minimize allowable buffered frames in the driver, etc).

However, we have noticed that if the GPU gets bogged down, input lag will be a little bit worse because the driver will start to buffer a frame and there can be a frame buffered in our game (we have a multi-threaded renderer that has a frame in submission to the GPU while we simulate the next frame). In those cases if you want to prefer less input lag over visual quality you can reduce your graphics detail settings to ensure you get the quickest path from sampled input to result on screen.

Skipping the Kill Cam

Quote from Jeff Kaplan
You can skip the Kill Cam by pressing ESC at any time. You will then spectate your team until you respawn. We're also looking into adding an "Always Skip Kill Cam" option to the Options menu.


Quote from Jeff Kaplan
We hope to someday add a profile that would have statistics like you mentioned.

Per-Hero Keybindings and Menu Overhaul

Quote from Jeff Kaplan
It's always been our hope (and our plan) to add per-hero keybindings. We really want this feature. We need to re-do our ESC, Options, and Settings menus and we hope to eventually add this ability to do custom binds per hero.

Aim Assist to be Disabled

An exploit with the aim assist that is currently enabled only for gamepads may be patched later today.

Quote from Jeff Kaplan
We will be disabling the gamepad aim assist option in an upcoming beta patch. We're doing our best to get that patch out later today. In the meantime, please refrain from "testing" this feature.

Thanks so much for identifying the issue.


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