Possible Content Teaser, Overwatch Strings Datamining - New Hero, Progression, Hero Customization, Achievements

Update 3:30 PM EDT: There are reports that some beta invite waves are going out!

Overwatch Strings Datamining

We've gone through loads of strings we've discovered in the Overwatch client and we've put together a list of the interesting stuff! If you'd like to see a full dump of the strings that we've obtained, head on over to this forum post.

Note: This is only the beginning of Overwatch datamining. Bookmark us and follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube to be notified when we have new updates to share!

Disclaimer: Datamined information may be inaccurate. There are times when strings aren't being used but are still in a game client.

Strings of Interest

  • Hero - Dyingbreed
    • This could just be a code name for one of the currently released heroes.
    • It is the only instance of a Hero name being preface with "Hero - ".
  • An internal currency by the name of Brill Bucks is present in the client.
  • Warning!  I PROMISE TO NOT LEAK THIS  This build contains unreleased content.  Warning: Players on your friends list can possibly identify you as a Blizzard employee playing Overwatch.


Two strings point towards guilds!

  • Guild
  • Guild Officer


It looks like Overwatch has several unlockable items.

  • Unlock Spray
  • Unlock Skin Theme
  • Unlock Play of the Game
  • Unlock Portrait Frame
  • Unlock Master Weapon.
  • Unlock Нero Trophy
  • Unlock Avatar Portrait
  • Unlock List.
  • Unlocked
  • Unlocked by default

Hero Customization

So yeah, those progression unlocks? It looks like you can customize your hero somewhere in hero lobbies with them.

  • Customize Locked Item
  • Customize Play of the Game Animation
  • Customize Skin Theme
  • Customize Skin
  • Customize Spray Item
  • Customize Preview Item
  • Customize.


Like most of Blizzard's other titles, it looks like achievements will be no stranger to Overwatch thanks to the following string:

"Completed achievement %s!" [%s is used in string replacements, the achievement name would go here]

It should be noted that we don't have good identification at the moment of what exactly is an achievement, so the following list of achievements may not be achievements at all and just used for internal tracking.

Multi-Hero Leveling
  • Level 5 with 10 heroes
  • Level 10 with 10 heroеs
  • Level 10 with 20 heroes.
  • Level 20 with 2 heroes
  • Level 20 with 5 heroes
  • Level 20 with 15 heroes
  • Level 20 with 30 heroes
Hero Leveling
  • Reaper - Level 20
  • Rocкetqueen - Level 20 [Good chance this is Pharah]
  • Tracer - Level 20
  • Widowmaker - Level 20.
Player Leveling
  • Player Level - 10
  • Player Level - 20
  • Player Level - 30
  • Player Level - 40
  • Player Level - 50
  • Player Level - 75
  • Player Level - 100

Map Descriptions

Not all maps have descriptions. The first three maps that were publicly announced with Overwatch have descriptions, with Hanamura having two, while the other four do not.

  • Hanamura (Attack): Since its founding generations ago, the Shimada ninja clan has made their home in the quiet village of Hanamura. From behind its ancient walls, the family's power grows through weapons trading, smuggling, and assassination.
  • Hanamura (Defend):With its restaurants, shops, and prime cherry blossom viewing, Hanamura is a popular tourist destination, but the sleepy town hides a dark secret known only to a select few.
  • King's Row: Beneath the glamour of the ritzy King's Row neighborhood, omnics dream of a day they will have the same rights as humans.
  • Temple of Anubis: The ancient Temple of Anubis houses a secret vital to the security of the region, protected by Helix Security Systems.

All The Strings!

We've got all the strings that we extracted from the client available for your browsing pleasure over on our forums. Click here or the banner below to go check them out.

Music of Overwatch

We've uploaded several sound clips from Overwatch onto our Youtube channel. Click here, or the banner below, to check them out!

Possible Content Teaser

This is not the "New Hero" we have referenced in the title of this post.

The @PlayOverwatch Twitter account tweeted out a poster today which is in line with previous teasers for new heroes and new maps. Are we getting some kind of space invasion? An alien hero? Or maybe it's just some Halloween fun.


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